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EM Agent: Do not disturb

Applies for EMv7.


Starting with EM Version 7, the "Do not disturb" mode has been implemented.

Users can use the EM Agent to manage this mode on their computers.

You can reach the "Do not disturb" mode via the following fields:

- settings in the agent's start page

- "Do not disturb" section

- in the settings option on the navigation bar on the left side

As soon as the "Do not disturb" mode has been enabled, a new window is opened in the agent where the duration is set accordingly.

Then a time bar is displayed where the time count shows how much time is left.

It is also displayed on the agent's start page and is dynamically adjusted to show how much time is left.

Administrative information

On the file level, an additional file is stored under Settings; it can be found under:

C:/ProgramData/Matrix42/Matrix42 Enterprise Manager Agent/Settings/Dnd.json

This file contains all settings specified by the user, which can be checked accordingly.

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