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Matrix42 Self-Service Help Center

Action: Show Information

Applies for EMv6 & EMv7.


"Show Information" is one of many actions that can be used in the Enterprise Manager to modify a sequence, as illustrated in the following screenshot.

If the "Show Information" action is selected, the following window is displayed with additional configuration options with various alternatives to share information.

The window is divided into the following sections:


The headline can be selected freely and can be entered in German and English. It is displayed in the Agent in the top section and marked as headline accordingly.

Text editor:

Additional important and detailed information can be entered in German and in English into the integrated text box. The maximum length for each action is 3000 characters; the following formatting options are available:

- Insert "section"

- Highlight text as "bold"

- Highlight text in "italics"

- "Underline" text

- Highlight text with a "color" and

- Use "hyperlinks"

The following screenshot displays all options.

Auto close:

The "Auto close" option provides three options for the agent:

- Wait until the task has been finished by the user

- Leave window open permanently

- Auto close after 1-180 minutes


The next element handles the behavior of the overall task (in case several tasks are processed one after each other). Two options are available:

- The complete task is stopped and only continued once the information has been closed successfully by the user.

- The task is continued in the background.


Finally, the last configuration element specifies the user behavior. Again, two options are available: The administrator allows the user to close the window or not.

Once all elements have been edited and Enterprise Manager distributes the task to one or several clients (additional information can be found here), the administrator can view the formatted information in the detailed log, as illustrated on the following screenshot.

The formatted information is displayed on the Enterprise Manager Agent for the end user either in German or English, depending on the specified language.

EMv7: In case no user is logged in when the task is executed, the Enterprise Manager Agent waits until a user logs in and opens automatically after successful log-in.