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Action: Application Monitoring

Applies for EMv6 & EMv7


"Application Monitoring" is one of many actions that can be used in the Enterprise Manager to modify a sequence, as illustrated in the following screenshot.

If the "Application Monitoring" action is selected, the following window is displayed with additional configuration options with various alternatives to share information.

The window is divided into the sections "Add new process" and "Auto close".

Add new process:

This option is used to specify and monitor the required "applications" processes. It is possible to create and define several processes one after another. It is important to define the display name and the underlying process.

Auto close:

This option is used to define the behavior of the EM Agent if a previously defined process has been started. Options include "Never" and a time between "1-120 minutes".

Once all items have been edited and defined and the Enterprise Manager has sent the task to one or several clients (additional information on this topic can be found here ), the administrator can view his configuration in the detailed log, as illustrated in the following screenshot.

The view within the Enterprise Manager Agent is either in German or English, depending on the specified language.

If one of the specified processes is started on the respective computer, a message is displayed to the end user prompting him to close the required application. In this case, no auto close has been specified. Otherwise, the time until the application is closed automatically is shown in the lower section and will expire accordingly.

If the application is closed by the user, the EM task will be continued automatically. This action is often linked to a software installation or uninstallation.

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