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Action: Create/ Remove File

Applies for EMv6 & EMv7.


"Create/ Remove File" is one of many actions that can be used in the Enterprise Manager to modify a sequence, as illustrated in the following screenshot.

If the "Create/ Remove File" action is selected, the following window is displayed with additional configuration options with various alternatives to share information.

The window is divided into the sections "File Path", "Mode" and "Content".

File path:

"File path" defines the path where the required file is stored. It is possible to use a fixed value or define a variable to be entered by the administrator or the end user.

If you specify a folder that is not available yet, it will also be created by the EM Agent.

For this purpose, the 'SYSTEM' user is used, rather than the logged-in user.


"Mode" provides the option to either create or delete a file.


"Content" provides the option to extend the created file up to 1500 characters. For instance, the "Content" option allows you to add the respective content into the text file. The "Content" field is grayed out automatically in case the "Delete file " mode has been selected.

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