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EM Agent: Set-up and structure

This article describes how you can build up the start page of the new version 7 agent UI. The UI has a fixed structure. Colors and text of various items are variable and can be personalized (more information on this topic can be found here).

The start page looks as follows:

The start page displays all pending and scheduled tasks and you can configure respective settings, launch the new presentation mode (more information on this topic can be found here) and view key information on the agent. The individual sections have a dynamic structure and you can click them to navigate to the respective section. They also display the dynamic progress of the current task.

As soon as a new task is received by the agent, a message box is displaced to notify the user accordingly.

You can use the navigation bar on the left side to switch from the start page to the task view. Additional navigation items include the software kiosk and the settings.

Similar to the start page, the task section modifies all tasks (icons of tasks and status bar) fully dynamically and displays the progress of the respective task.

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