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EM Agent v7/19/20 Logs

Log output of the EM Agent v7/19/20

Log output of the new EM Agent has been revised completely and a complete log output is delivered on all events (an additional cmtrace-compatible log is also available).

The agent logs can be found under "C:\ProgramData\Matrix42\Enterprise Manager Agent\Log".

The agent log displays all executed actions, both successful and failed actions. Detailed output is written for each individual job of the agent, including the following:

  • System
    • AdAccounts
    • AdAccounts_Full
    • EmAdAccounts
    • EmAdSite
    • EmAgentInfo
    • EmAutoUpdate
    • EmCustomizing
    • EmDnD
    • EmGuiWatcher
    • EmIpAddresses
    • EmProfile
  • Tasks
    • EmMandatory
    • EmReminder
    • EmScheduler
    • EmTask
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