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Folder structure EM-Server installation

This article describes the new folder structure after installing Enterprise Manager Server.

Under C:/ProgramFiles/Matrix42/Matrix42 Enterprise Manager we now have a new folder structure:

  • Import (all files for the import including EM Import Service and SDK).
  • Server (all files for the server including Em Server service)
  • Web (everything for the web console)

Under C:/ProgramData/Matrix42, we now distinguish between Enterprise Manager Import and Enterprise Manager Server.

Enterprise Manager Import:

  • This is where the log and settings file for the import is located.

Enterprise Manager Server:

  • Autoupdate (storage of the EM-Agent Autoupdate setup files).
  • Certificate (storage of the EM-Server certificate to start the Web Console)
  • Charts (report files)
  • Customizing (configuration of the EM-Agent UI design)
  • Dat (Report Excel files and Help files)
  • Jobs (all EM job information with scheduler and created jobs)
  • Logs (EM server log)
  • Telemetry (telemetry data for analyzing errors)
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