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Matrix42 Self-Service Help Center

Support Guideline for Ticket Opening

If you detect a bug in a supported Enterprise Manager version, have a question or a problem, it is very important that you send us all relevant information concerning the reported ticket. The easiest and fastest way to do is by contacting our support team under the following e-mail address:

Please use the attached template, which helps you to collect all required information so that we do not have to make further inquiries and save time accordingly.

Please complete this template and send it to the above e-mail address, together with additional screenshots and log files.


Error identification:


System product: 

Matrix42 Enterprise Manager Server  Version:

Matrix42 Enterprise Manager DP Service  Version:

Matrix42 Enterprise Manager Agent Version:

Server operating system: Windows 2016 EN

Client operating system: Microsoft Windows 10 EN (1809)





Can the error be reproduced?




Error class:

Fault B (to be completed by customer)

Attachments: screenshots, log files of client and server


Error Class


Fault A


KO criterion. Operations impossible, work cannot be continued. Escalate and report scope and impact immediately. Error must be resolved immediately.

---> approval-relevant!

Fault B


or next release)

Error with significant impact on operations, but work can be continued with restrictions. Workaround is available. Report scope and impact. Error must be fixed immediately.

---> approval-relevant!

Fault C

(next release)

Error with minor impact on operations; work is possible, but less comfortable. Coordinate bug fixing, depending on scope, impact and required efforts.

Fault D

(next release)

Minor flaw, no impact on operations. Work can be continued without any restrictions.