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PSADK Package: EM-Agent

To enable the Matrix42 Enterprise Manager (EM) Agent, the easiest way is to deploy the EM-Agent with SCCM (as part of the OSD Tasksequence for initial deployment and as deployment on a collection for update). The fowolling PSADK-based package will support yourself to deploy the EM-Agent in your environment.


The package detects which Architecture-Binaries are included in the package and install the correct binary version regarding to the detected Client-architecture. With this it is theoretically possible to create on package for both architectures. I recommend to create 2 dedicated packages or deployment-types to prevent downloading the EM-Binaries two times, for every client installation.

Uninstall old versions

This package tries to uninstall all detected versions (6.6, 7.3, 19.0.2, 19.0.3, 20.0.0) of the Enterprise Manager Agent that are installed on the local machine and installs the EM-Agent in version 20.0.0 or higher. It automatically detects the Plattform

  • Package Name: Matrix42_EMAgent_200020097_Retail_x64x86_ende
  • Input Parameter ServerName: The name of the EM-Server
  • Input Parameter ServerPort: The port of the EM-Server (Default=9010).
  • Input Parameter ActionTimeout: This will define the value in which Interval (in minutes) the ManagedTasks.sxml will be monitored for running actions. This Parameter was added in Version 3 of the script.
  • Addititional Todo:
    • Copy „Matrix42 Enterprise Manager Agent(x86).msi“ or „Matrix42 Enterprise Manager Agent(x64).msi“ to the „Files“ Sub-directory
  • Current Script Version: 28
  • Download of package: see appendix

Changes v3.3:

The installation of VCRedist is integrated in EM Agent setup

The installation of x86 and x64 Plattform is supported now

Common helper functions are moved to an external file

Changes v3.x:

The script will monitor the ManagedTasks.sxml file to check if an action is currently running. When the timestamp of ManagedTasks.sxml is younger than the interval (in minutes) defined in the mandatory Parameter „ActionTimeout“, the script will run into an 60 sec. loop.

This package is not officially supported by Matrix42. Usage on your own risk.

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