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Client folder structure EM Agent v7/19/20

Where to find what on the client on EM Agent v7/19/20

Any information on the client on the EM Agent can be found in the folder "C:\ProgramData\Matrix42\Enterprise Manager Agent\", including the following:


  • Information on a package, contains file list per SCCM application/SCCM package
  • Information on the download server (DP's)


  • Anything that runs on the Agent
  • For 20.0.2: A second queue in the agent divides the jobs into "system" and "tasks". This enables a faster and more efficient processing of the jobs!
  • System
    • AdAccounts
    • AdAccounts_Full
    • EmAdAccounts
    • EmAdSite
    • EmAgentInfo
    • EmAutoUpdate
    • EmCustomizing
    • EmDnD
    • EmGuiWatcher
    • EmIpAddresses
    • EmProfile
  • Tasks
    • EmMandatory
    • EmReminder
    • EmScheduler
    • EmTask
  • The file displays information on when the respective job runs with which parameters
  • Running subdirectory : Shows which job is currently being processed, which can only be one file at a time; if no job is running, the folder is empty.


  • Log of the Agent, shows all actions that are executed and displays errors


  • Contains all files that need to be sent to the server
  • If this folder does not contain any file, all data on the server are up-to-date.
  • Errors folder: In case a file could not be transmitted after the 100th attempt, it is moved into the Error folder.


  • Data Storage, contains all control information
  • Shows which data have been transmitted and, in most cases, been transferred to the server:
    • AdAccounts
    • AdSite
    • Customizing
    • CustomizingDp
    • Dnd
    • EmAgentInfo
    • EmAgentVersion
    • EmProfile
    • IpAddresses
    • LastLogin


  • Displays all running tasks.
  • All information on a task has been collected in the task file.
  • History folder: If a task is removed, it is moved into the History folder.
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