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Downloads with the EM Agent

General information

This document describes how you can perform downloads out of the SCCM infrastructure onto a local client, which requires a basic knowledge of the Enterprise Manager.

Synchronization of SCCM distribution points

Distribution points are managed in the Enterprise Manager under Administration -> SCCM -> Distribution Points. Synchronization is performed automatically once per hour via the EM server. To start synchronization immediately, click the "Synchronize SCCM Distribution Points" button.

The synchronization process synchronizes network information and set boundaries of the distribution point from SCCM. Click on the DP to view details on the synchronized data.

An icon displays the current status of a distribution point.



Shows a detected SCCM distribution point.

Shows a SCCM DP + EM DP. DP has not logged into the EM server for more than 6 hours.

Shows a SCCM DP + EM DP. DP works correctly and is available for downloads via the EM Agent.

Shows a SCCM DP + EM DP. Functionality of the EM DP has been cancelled by the administrator. The server is not available for downloads via the EM Agent.

EM distribution point

Normally, an EM distribution point runs on a SCCM distribution point as a Windows service. This service is required to provide the advanced functionality of the Enterprise Manager.

An installed EM DP logs into the EM server automatically every 3 hours. When the EM DP logs into the EM server, it is displayed with a green checkmark in the DP overview. The EM DP can be disabled via the EM web console.

Download by an EM agent

Graphical illustration of a download

Preparation: Determine from which DP the download is performed

Central package information is required to ensure successful package download; the client delivers the following information to the EM server:

  • the package ID of the package to be downloaded
  • its current Active Directory site
  • its current IP address

Based on this information, the server determines the available distribution point, under consideration of the SCCM boundaries. The EM server checks whether the client is within a specific IP range or an AD site. Detected DPs are marked as "HomeDPs" (DPs from the local network).

If the option "Allow RemoteDPs" is enabled for an EM task, two additional DPs from the largest location are loaded, which may also be used accordingly. By definition, the "largest location" in Enterprise Manager is the location with most DPs. If the client is in the largest location, RemoteDPs of the second largest location are transferred.

The following result is handed over to the client:

  • Detailed information on the SCCM package
  • All programs of an SCCM package
  • List of HomeDPs
  • Optionally a maximum of 2 RemoteDPs

This step is performed maximally once per task.

Exception: If the AD site changes, task information must be loaded again, since the relevant distribution points may change accordingly.

Preparation: Determine which files must be downloaded

In this step, the client connects to the available DPs (order: HomeDPs, RemoteDPs) and tries to get the list of files to be downloaded. The file list is stored for each task in the directory <EM-Agent InstallationDirectory>/Cache/.

This step is performed maximally once per DP, since the agent remembers the list of files for each DP.

Preparation: Register download on the DP

Once package and file information is available, the agent performs the last preparatory step and tries to register the download at a detected DP. The DP checks whether a free download slot is available. If the maximum number of concurrent downloads is exceeded, the DP rejects the download.

If it is not possible to register the download at a DP from the list, the task is postponed. You can specify the time to be waited until the next attempt is made in the agent profile on the EM console. The agent will try repeatedly to establish a connection, until either the download is registered or the task has expired or has been removed.

How to download a package

If a download was successfully registered on the DP, the EM Agent may start the download. The number of attempts to locally download the package, for instance, if the download is interrupted due to network problems, can be specified in the EM agent profile in the EM console

If a download is interrupted, the next download attempt will continue where this interruption has occurred. An incomplete file is downloaded again; if a newer version than the local version of the package is available on the server, a completely new download will be started. The download is subject to bandwidth control to minimize disruptions for the user.

After the (successful or failed) download has been completed, the download is unregistered at the DP to free resources for the next download.

Status confirmation

Details on a download can be bundled and displayed in the status of the respective task. For all tasks that contain a worker "software installation" or "download" in the sequence, an additional "downloadInfo" item is shown in the status of the web console, where all information on the download topic are collected. You can either view the remote log file or the details in the download progress for each individual client.

Common reasons for cancelled downloads

DP is busy

If a client cannot download the requested package from a DP for at least 24 hours, no more attempt is made within this task to download the package.


All download servers are busy for <PackageID> + ErrorMessage

Client does not detect a DP

If the client does not detect a DP for the requested package within 6 hours, the download is cancelled automatically.


No DPs available for package " + PkgId + ". " + Message

Download fails

If a download fails during the download process and the maximum number of attempts is exceeded, the action has also failed. The maximum number of attempts can be specified in the agent profile.


First, the following message is displayed for download attempts:

Download try xxx of yyy failed. Next try in zzz minutes. Please wait...

When no more attempts are available, the following message is displayed:

Download completely failed. Try 5 of 5. Package info could not be loaded. Reasons for failure, e.g., Computer is not connected to the network

Log files

Package info file (<EM-Agent Installdir>/Cache/Info_<TaskID>_<PackageID>.xml):

Contains information on the SCCM package, including programs and the list of detected distribution points. The list is transferred from the EM server to the client.

Package files (<EM-Agent Installdir>/Cache/Files_<TaskID>_<PackageID>_<DP>.xml):

Contains information on all files of a package that are available on the DP and must be downloaded accordingly

Cache file (<EM-Agent Installdir>/Cache/Cache_<PackageID>.xml):

Displays the actually downloaded files that are also available in the cache. This file is generated after successful download.

AD site of the client (<EM-Agent Installdir>/Settings/AdSite.xml):

Contains the current AD site of the agent. This information can be used to check the Home DP and boundaries configuration.

IP addresses of the client (<EM-Agent Installdir>/Settings/IpAdresses.xml):

Contains the current list of the client's IP addresses.

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