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Matrix42 Self-Service Help Center



You can use the "News" option to enter news that are visible to all users on the start page. A heading and a text field are available.


The "Documentation" option is used to save links and files for your own documents which have been modified for EM.

The documents can be opened via the "Documentation" option in the header of the EM console.


Use the "Events" option to define which actions shall be initiated in case certain events occur, for instance, send e-mail notifications or initiate an action (e.g., launch an executable file or a PowerShell script) and also connect to the internal service management system.

The following events can be found within the respective categories.






For instance, e-mail notifications are sent once a data import from SCCM has been completed successfully. The following screenshot shows that this event has been activated by selecting a category of recipients under "E-Mail enabled".


The "Server" option can be used to define configurations for the EM server, the e-mail server and the proxy server. E-mail server configuration is necessary to be able to send notifications. As of to date, the proxy server has not been assigned any function.

The respective EM services must be restarted on the server after changes have been performed!

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