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Matrix42 Self-Service Help Center


Applies for EMv6 & EMv7.


The "Authorization" section is divided into three sections: "Permission Wizard", "Permission Overview" and "User Requests".

Permission Wizard

The Permission Wizard can be used to grant users and teams permissions for resources (roles, computer groups and locations). In a first step, you must select at least one account and one resource.

The second step is to determine whether permissions shall be added or removed for the specified resources.

In a third and last step, you must enter a message for the user. You can also view which changes are performed in the permissions.

Permission overview

The permission overview displays existing permissions. On the left side, accounts and resources are listed. Click on a specific section to view all elements. Within a specific element, you can view all permissions (in our example, of the sales team).

User requests

In the "User requests" section permission requests submitted by users (both open and completed requests) are displayed. If you open a request, the permission wizard opens and displays the permission requests relating to the respective request. They are either approved or rejected. If you click on the user request, the same dialog opens as illustrated above.

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