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Applies for EMv6 & EMv7


Under "SCCM", the two options "Push installation" and "Mass rollout" are available. Push installation means that applications are pushed to selected computers, while a mass rollout is distributed to a collection.

Push tasks

The "Push tasks" window displays tasks that have already been created; it is also possible to create new tasks. Existing tasks can be viewed to control the installation progress.

In case a new SCCM push rollout is performed, you must first define whether distribution shall be based on computers or users and which devices/users are included in the rollout. You must also select the software package for the rollout.

In a second step, additional details are defined, for instance which notifications shall be displayed on the SCCM software center on the clients.

The third and last step is to define which users may view the rollout in EM.

Software distribution is performed on the computers as soon as the respective polling interval of the SCCM Agent on the respective computer has been reached.

Mass rollouts

The "Mass rollouts" window can be used to view and edit existing rollouts.

Under "New Task", you can create a new mass rollout. In a first step, you must select the collection where the rollout shall be applied and which software shall be installed. Also, a purpose is defined to specify whether the software is displayed as available or required and during which interval installation shall be performed.

The second step is to define a success threshold and user information in the software center.

In a third step, you must define the visibility, i.e., who is allowed to view this rollout in the EM console.

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