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Applies for EMv6 & EMv7

Patches are only distributed via the SCCM Agent, NOT via the EM Agent!

Push tasks

The "Push tasks" window can be used to view tasks that have already been created and to create new tasks. You can view existing tasks to control their progress.

If you create a new patch tasks, step 1 is to define where the patch shall be rolled out and to select the update list to be used.

The second step is to define additional details, for instance, whether patches shall be excluded from the update list of which notifications shall be displayed in the SCCM software center on the clients.

The third and last step allows you to define which users shall be allowed to view the task in the EM console.

Rollout tasks

The "Rollout tasks" window allows you to view and edit existing rollouts.

The "New Task" button can be used to create a new mass rollout. The first step is to specify on which collection the rollout shall be applied and which update lists shall be imported. Also a time frame for the installation must be specified.

The second step is to define a success threshold and notifications in the software center and to specify additional settings, for instance, whether patches shall be excluded from the update list.

In step 3 you can define who may be allowed to view this rollout in the EM console.

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