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EM sequences

Applies for EMv6 &EMv7.


The "Sequences" section (sequences are similar to task sequences in SCCM) is used to view and edit sequences created in the EM and to create new sequences. Sequences consist of one or several actions.

Use the Configure sequence button to create a new sequence and define in which folder it shall be saved in the EM console and which actions shall be performed.

"Add new action" and then "Configure action" can be used to define actions and (optionally) link them with a start condition to ensure that an action is only performed when the start condition is met. You can also define whether the complete sequence shall be stopped in case an error occurs during an action.

The sample selection in the following screenshot defines that the action "Install an application" shall only be performed if the start condition is met, in this case, if the folder C:\Temp is available.

You can select the following actions:

Add/remove AD account/ AD group

Application monitoring

Install/uninstall application

Create/remove file

Show information

Start/stop local service

Create/remove folder

Start/stop process

Install/uninstall software package

Download software package

Restart computer

Set environment variable

Create/remove registry value

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