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Blueprint Groups


A Blueprint Group is a useful way to organize numerous Blueprints that share a common trait (e.g. device type, application type, vendor). User Groups can also be assigned permissions to access specific Blueprint Groups, and the Blueprints they contain or the features driven by Blueprint Group / Blueprint selections.

List View


FireScope Configuration Administrator or higher can find the Blueprint Group List under Configuration > Blueprint Groups > List. Each Blueprint Group will have some number of Blueprints contained in it.

List Context Menus

In the far-right column of the List View, there is a context menu for each Blueprint Group with the following items:

  • Edit Blueprint Group - Navigates to the Blueprint Edit Form.
  • View Blueprints - Navigates to the Blueprint List, pre-filtered to this Blueprint Group.
  • Delete Blueprint Group - Prompts with a modal-confirmation to delete the Blueprint Group.

Edit Form


Details Section

Form Field Description Is Required?

Enter the a name for the Blueprint Group.

The Name must be unique for the Account.

Description Describe the Blueprint Group's member assignments, or purpose. No

Group Membership Panel


Form Field Description
Blueprints Click the Edit button to reveal the Blueprint Picker Drawer. Then check the Blueprints to assign them to the group.

Permissions Panel


Form Field Description
User Groups Click the Edit button to reveal the User Group Picker Drawer. Then check the User Groups that should be allowed to see this Blueprint Group and the Blueprints it contains.

Tag Management Panel


Add Tags to the Blueprint Group to easily filter to it in the Blueprint Groups List and to describe similar Blueprint Groups in a metadata fashion. Enter the Tag name and select it from the list, or use the comma (,) or tab keys to add a new one to the list.



Removing a Blueprint Group can be done from the List view, Edit Form of existing Blueprint Groups, and in the context menu by FireScope Configuration Administrators or higher.

Deleting a Blueprint Group will not remove any Blueprints inside it.

From the List view, there are 2 methods for deletion: individually or in bulk.

Screen Shot 2022-10-10 at 11.30.24.png

To individually delete Blueprint Groups:

  1. Locate the row in the list with the Blueprint to be deleted.
  2. In the far-right column, click the 3-dot button to reveal its context menu.
  3. Click Delete Blueprint Group from the context menu items.
  4. Follow the modal confirmation to click Delete.
Screen Shot 2022-10-10 at 11.30.38.png

To bulk-delete Blueprint Groups:

  1. Select the checkboxes on the rows to be deleted.
  2. In the top-right of the List table, some Change Action buttons will appear (or 1 Action button if more than 3 change actions are available).
  3. Click the Delete Blueprint Groups button or dropdown menu item.
  4. Follow the modal confirmation to click Delete.
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