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Rest API – Getting Started

Overview of the Firescope REST API.


FireScope SDDM includes a REST-based API that allows you to automatically configure key SDDM components, such as Configuration Items (CI), Policies, Notifications, etc. The intent of this API is to provide customers with in-house applications for asset management, CMDB, or automation to interface with and streamline the management of SDDM.

Before You Begin

Before you use this interface, make sure you have:

  • A working FireScope instance and Account
  • A FireScope Administrator user in the SPM Account
    • It’s recommended to create a separate REST-only user
    • These credentials will be passed via Basic Authentication on the REST calls
  • Experience creating REST-based JSON for use with the SPM API
  • Access to TCP port 38050 on the SPM application nodes (or VIP if in load-balanced mode)

If you are new to using REST APIs or building applications with Web Services, see our sample guide.

You can use the REST API for the following high-level functions:

  • Creating, updating, deleting, and retrieving information for:
    • CIs
    • Service Groups
    • Logical Groups
    • Notifications
  • Linking CIs to Logical Groups
  • Linking CIs and Logical Groups to Service Groups
  • Applying Blueprints to CIs

The API consists of REST-based Web Services that expect a JSON-formatted object to be posted to the interface. For more information on JSON, see Following is an example of a generic JSON-formatted request for SPM:

JSON Formatting Example

 "account_id" : "firescope",
 "edge_device_id" : "Edge 1",
 "available" : 0,
 "ciname" : "REST Configuration Item 1",
 "ip" : "",
 "port" : 8042,
 "status" : 0,
 "useip" : 1,
 "logicalgroup" : ["REST Logical Group 1"],
 "ci_bp" : [],
 "ci_profile" : {
   "contact" : "John Smith",
   "devicetype" : "Server",
   "location" : "Dallas Data Center",
   "notes" : "Ordering server",
   "os" : "Linux Mint 14",
   "serialno" : "0U812",
   "software" : "Tomcat"
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