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Rest API – Retrieving an Element’s Schema

How to retrieve the properties for any given element using the FireScope REST API.


SDDM provides the ability to query and retrieve the schema for any of the elements in the following list. Using the GET command, you can retrieve the properties for any given element and find what is required for a payload, which is especially useful for developers who interface with the API.

To retrieve an element schema, send the following information in a GET request:

http://<ipaddress>:38050/web_services/[type]?account=[Account name]&schema=true

For [type], use one of the following values for the schema type you want to retrieve.

Schema Type Required Value
Attribute attribute
Attribute History attribute_history_query
Blueprint bp_sync_job
CI ci
Event Definition eventdef
Visual Control (Graph) graphs
Logical Group logicalgroup
Notification notifications
Service Group servicegroup
Users users

Query Parameter Description

Parameter Description Type Required
account Name of the SDDM Account. String Yes
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