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Rest API – Using the Firefox REST Client Plugin

The Firefox RESTClient Plugin is a useful tool for writing utilities in the REST API.


If you are new to REST or not skilled in writing utilities around Web Services, you can experiment with FireScope SDDM API interfaces. Installing and using the Firefox RESTClient Plugin is one way to write utilities for the REST API. 

Before You Begin

Before you begin using the Firefox RESTClient Plugin, make sure you have:

  • The Firefox RESTClient Plugin
  • A working SDDM instance and Account
  • An Admin level User in the SDDM Account
  • At least 1 Edge Device defined for the SDDM Account
  • A sample JSON payload

Configuring the RESTClient

Once you have installed RESTClient in Firefox, you must configure the authentication as required for REST calls. To configure the RESTClient:

  1. At the top of your web browser, click the RESTClient icon  . The RESTClient tool page will be displayed.
    Note:  If you do not see the RESTClient icon, you can click Tools > RESTClient instead.

  2. Click Authentication > Basic Authentication. The Basic Authorization window will be displayed.
  3. Enter the Username and Password for your SDDM Admin account.
  4. Click on Okay.
  5. Click on Headers > Custom Header. The Request Header window will be displayed.
  6. Enter the Name and Value.
  7. Click on the Okay button.
  8. Configure the Request for the operation you want to use.


  • To create or update an element in SDDM, use the POST method to the target Web Service URL. To delete, use the DELETE method against the associated URL.
  • To view the Response from the Web Service, click View > Response. The Response section will be displayed below the Request section.
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