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Best Practices - Windows Agent

Best practices for restoring Windows Agents to full functionality.


In situations where FireScope agents installed on Windows systems fail to return the expected data, the following procedures can be used to restore functionality.


  • Agent is restarting over and over again.
  • Agent fails to start.


This might be due to the Performance Counter, which might be either disabled or corrupted. Enabling or rebuilding the Performance Counters on the affected systems will solve the problem. You can check this by running a query ( lodctr /q ) command you will be able to find out whether the Performance Counter is disabled or corrupted. The following is an example of disabled Performance Counter.

  •  lodctr /q

    [PerfOS] Performance Counters (Disabled) 
    DLL Name: %SystemRoot%\System32\perfos.dll 
    Open Procedure: OpenOSObject 
    Collect Procedure: CollectOSObjectData 
    Close Procedure: CloseOSObject

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