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Deep Linking

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How to Use Deep Linking  

  • URL pattern:
    <HOST>/wm /app- <App Name> //create-object/ <Entity Type> ?viewOptions={"embedded":true,"viewId":"0944d5ed-bc62-f8f6-7187-f6800a3bcb2b"}
  • Example demonstrates how to open create new incident in Service Desk, without header and navigation, with prefilled User and Subject   https://wmpreview03.imagoverum.com/w...?viewOptions={"embedded":true}&presetParams={"SPSActivityClassBase":{"Subject":"SUBBBBBJECT!!!!","Initiator":"f33b7462-636c-4bb3-a6c0-9ab93643f6b8"}}
  • Example demonstrates how to open the create new incident in Service Desk without header and navigation, and with single dialog tab shown: https://wmpreview03.imagoverum.com/w...t?viewOptions= {"embedded":true,"viewId":"0944d5ed-bc62-f8f6-7187-f6800a3bcb2b"}
  • JS code to perform "save" action in embedded view: 

As you can see from the url pattern, there are few optional parameters which you can provide depending on the purpose

  • "?viewOptions={}" parameter gives possibility to open create dialog in different modes.
  • "embedded":true option makes create form mobile responsive and hides UUX navigation panels
  •  You can also use "viewId:"" parameter to provide direct link to concrete tabulator in your dialog
  • presetParams: provides access to prefill datamodel

For example, lets open Incident General tab create dialog in embedded view:


You can see that the dialog is responsive, so it can be used for mobile app integration and also only the General tab is available.

  • URL pattern: <HOST> /app- <App Name> //edit-object/ <Entity Type> / <Object Id> ?viewOptions={"embedded":true}
  • URL Example: https://wmpreview03.imagoverum.com/wm/app-ServiceDesk//edit-object/SPSActivityTypeIncident/...?viewOptions={"embedded":true}
  • URL pattern: <HOST> /app- <App Name> //preview-object/ <Entity Type> / <Object Id> / <Is Archived> /  optional:<Preview Widget Id> ?viewOptions={"embedded":true}
  • URL Example: https://wmpreview03.imagoverum.com/wm/app-Service...?viewOptions={"embedded":true}
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