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Data from various data sources can be imported into Matrix42 Workspace Management via configured Import Definition.

Import definition

An import definition is a set of rules and settings according to which information from a certain source is transferred into the specified Configuration Item.

To manage import definitions:

  1. Start Matrix42 Workspace Management and click the Administration workspace;
  2. In the navigation area, click Import → Import Definitions;
  3. In the grid, click an import definition. It provides an initial overview of the most important information about the import definition and access to the available actions. 

import_definition _overview1.png


General import definition overview can contain additional information depending on the import settings:

  • Quick Import Definition: Indicates that this import definition can be opened and executed in a tabulator of the corresponding configuration item. Enabled quick import definition activates Template File Name property setting and is available only for Import Definitions that are based on text files, .csv, .xls or .xlsx data sources;
  • Template File Name: the import template file is specified in this field if this import definition is used for the quick import of records in a certain tabulator.


These two fields are normally filled in for import definitions that are delivered out of the box.

  • Import Logsprovides links to all import logs files created as a result of each import definition run.


Common actions:

  • Create New Import Definition: an input wizard for adding a new import definition appears;
  • View Active Import Definition: displays the status of the currently running import process.

Specific Import Definition actions:

  • Edit Import Definition: an input wizard for editing a currently opened or selected import definition appears. While editing, you will be able to create a copy, so that the original import definition remains unchanged.
  • Execute Import Definition: opens the dialog box for choosing import definition running mode.

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