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How to build a bidirectional connector based on Service Connections

To build your own bi-directional connector follow these steps:

  1. Create a Service Connection: create a Service Connection with the Google Account to connect with. For details, see Service Connections page.
  2. Create import Workflows & GDI: create client Workflow that will collect events from Google account (can be executed on Data Gateway). Use as a reference the Connector Import and Connector Data Collector Workflow templates and adjust them accordingly. For details, see also Workflow Studio page.
    Create server Workflow and Import Definition(GDI) that will be used for importing and mapping collected data to UUX. See also Create an Import Definition page.

  3. Create Data Provider: create a new Data Provider with configuration form and Workflows created on the previous step to import Events.
    Execute it and see events in UUX Calendar. See also Creating a New Data Provider page.

  4. Create Workflow that updates 3d party element: create Workflow that updates Google Event when object(s) changes in UUX. See also Workflow Studio page.

  5. Configure event in UUX: create Compliance Rules that reacts to Appointment change in UUX and updates Google Event accordingly. For details, see Compliance Rules page.

The configuration example and detailed steps are shown on the video below:


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