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Dropbox Tenant Configuration for Dropbox Service Connection

To register DWP for Dropbox Service Connections integration, start with registering DWP at the Dropbox developers platform.

  1.  Login to Dropbox developers platform and click Create Apps:
  2. Fill out the necessary information and choose from the suggested options:
    • Choose an API
    • Choose the type of access you need
    • Name your app

  3. In the Settings tab, you can find the following data for the Dropbox Tenant configuration in DWP Service Connections:
    Dropbox developers portal field name DWP Tenant configuration field name
    App key Client ID
    App secret Client secret

  4. Enter this data to the corresponding fields in the Administration application → Integration → Service Connections → Tenants configuration:
  5. Go back to the Dropbox application Settings tab and add a Redirect URI to your DWP environment:

  6. Open Permissions tab and select necessary permissions from the suggested list:
  7. Add the corresponding permissions to the Scope area for your Service provider configuration: open Administration application → Integration → Service Connections → Services → Dropbox → Capabilities section → Scope:
    Screen Shot 2021-03-26 at 12.40.08 PM.png

For more information, see also Dropbox guide.

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