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Deep Linking

How to Use Deep Linking  

Create Object URL pattern

<HOST>/wm/app-<App Name>/<Navigation Id>/create-object/<Entity Type>?view-options={"embedded":true,"viewId":"0944d5ed-bc62-f8f6-7187-f6800a3bcb2b"}
  • Example demonstrates how to open create new incident in Service Desk, without header and navigation, with prefilled User and Subject{"embedded":true}&presetParams={"SPSActivityClassBase":{"Subject":"SUBBBBBJECT!!!!","Initiator":"af72bbed-3d28-e811-719c-d850e6420719"}}
  • Example demonstrates how to open the create new incident in Service Desk without header and navigation, and with single dialog tab shown: {"embedded":true,"viewId":"0944d5ed-bc62-f8f6-7187-f6800a3bcb2b"}
  • JS code to perform "save" action in embedded view:

Mandatory parameters

  • "navigationId" parameter provides possibility to navigate to concrete navigation item in Navigation Tree view panel; otherwise, "notSet" should be set. This parameter isn't applicable in case "embedded" is set to true.
  • "entityType" parameter represents the configuration item name in the system an object of which will be created.

As you can see from the url pattern, there are few optional parameters which you can provide depending on the purpose

  • "?view-options={}" parameter gives possibility to open create dialog in different modes.
  • "embedded":true option makes create form mobile responsive and hides UUX navigation panels
  •  You can also use "viewId:"" parameter to provide direct link to concrete tabulator in your dialog
  • presetParams: provides access to prefill datamodel

For example, lets open Incident General tab create dialog in embedded view:


You can see that the dialog is responsive, so it can be used for mobile app integration and also only the General tab is available.

Edit Object URL pattern

<HOST> /app-<App Name>/<Navigation Id>/edit-object/<Entity Type>/<Object Id>?view-options={"embedded":true}
  • URL Example:{"embedded":true}

The "objectId" is mandatory parameter representing an object that will be edited.

Preview Object URL pattern

<HOST> /app-<App Name>/<Navigation Id>/preview-object/<Entity Type>/<Object Id>/<Is Archived>/optional:<Preview Widget Id>?view-options={"embedded":true}
  • URL Example:{"embedded":true}

 "isArchived" is a mandatory parameter indicating a current object will be taken for previewing if the value is set to "0"; otherwise, an archived one if parameter is set to "1".
The "previewWidgetId" parameter is optional providing a concrete dialog for preview; otherwise, used by dialog with higher priority (by default).

Open Wizard URL pattern

<HOST> /app-<App Name>/search-page/<Navigation Id>/<Filter Type>/<Filter Id>?view-options={"viewType":"action","actionId":"","type":"","objectId":""}&presetParams={}

Mandatory parameters

  • "navigationId" parameter provides possibility to navigate to concrete navigation item in Navigation Tree view panel.
  • "filterType" parameter allows to navigate to concrete filter/structure item belonging to the navigation item. It can take one of the following values:
    - nofilter: without positioning inside the navigation item;
    - filter: by data query filter applied to the given navigation item;
    - structure: by structure applied to the given navigation item.
    In case with 'filter' or 'structure' is set also need to provide a proper identifier in 'filterId' parameter.
  • "?view-options={}" parameter requires extra data to open specific wizard
    1. "viewType": "action";
    2. "actionId": parameter representing an action object id to open a concrete wizard;
    3. "type": parameter represents the configuration item name in the system an object of which will be passed
    4. "objectId": parameter representing an object on the basis of which the wizard to be opened
  • URL Example demonstrates how to open Forward wizard for an incident in Service Desk by the following path Incidents > My{"viewType":"action","actionId":"580b9b8e-91d8-e511-9b82-60e327035d31","type":"SPSActivityTypeIncident","objectId":"e45ff036-db10-c568-9d54-08d5898cf4b4"}

Optional parameters

  • &presetParams={} parameter provides access to prefill datamodel.
  • Next URL Example demonstrates how to open Send E-mail wizard for an incident in Service Desk with prefilled the following fields:the option CC is on, and one user added to CC list as well as set Message text by default.{"viewType":"action","actionId":"18120902-fdd9-e511-9b82-60e327035d31","type":"SPSActivityTypeGroupTicket","objectId":"cdefb905-012e-c90f-f529-08d5c56e5a5b"}&presetParams={"Context":{"IsVisibleCC":true,"RecipientCC":{"all":["36172e8b-555f-e811-789c-d850e6420719"]}},"SubmitData":{"data":{"Text":"Test EMail"}}}
  • Next URL Example demonstrates how to open wizard Add to Shopping card for service, that have custom form, and custom form is prefilled with value from URL in Self Service Portal{"viewType":"action","actionId":"3a8621e3-19fc-c4a6-5b76-08d45afab3ad","type":"SPSArticleTypeService","objectId":"c78b703f-6d1b-e711-e480-005056af75ac"}&presetParams={"Context":{"ServiceFormPresetFields":{"SPSUserClassBase":{"LastName":"test user"},"SPSCommonClassBase":{"State":2023}}}}

User with Admin Role also has possibility to open wizard in new window and copy URL from there with necessary set parameters.

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