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Deep Linking

How to Use Deep Linking  

View Options description

view-options is an URL parameter that is used to configure.

It has the following structure

    "embedded": boolean, // optional, default is false, if true - do not show header and navigation
    "dialogId": guid, // optional, id of a dialog to use, if not set - default dialog will be taken
    "objectId": guid, // optional, id of the context object
    "archived": 0 or 1, // if 1 - intended object is archived
    "type": string, // Entity type name   
    "viewType": "new" or "preview" or "action" or "edit", // new = open create dialog, edit = open edit dialog, preview = open preview, action = run action/wizard
    "actionId": guid, // optional, if viewType is action this specifies an action to be called
    "viewId": guid, // optional, if set - show only specified dialog page

Common URL pattern

<HOST>/wm/app-<App Name>/?view-options=<View Options>

Edit Object URL pattern

Example demonstrates how to open create new incident in Service Desk, without header and navigation, with prefilled User and Subject{"embedded":true,"dialogId":"be4ceef2-aadf-ca41-a130-08d46543427a","type":"SPSActivityTypeTicket","viewId":"0944d5ed-bc62-f8f6-7187-f6800a3bcb2b","viewType":"new"}&presetParams={"SPSActivityClassBase":{"Subject":"SUBBBBBJECT!!!!","Initiator":"af72bbed-3d28-e811-719c-d850e6420719"}}

Example demonstrates how to open the create new incident in Service Desk without header and navigation, and with single dialog tab shown:{"embedded":true,"dialogId":"be4ceef2-aadf-ca41-a130-08d46543427a","type":"SPSActivityTypeTicket","viewType":"new"}

  • JS code to perform "save" action in embedded view:

presetParams: provides access to prefill datamodel

For example, lets open Incident General tab create dialog in embedded view:


You can see that the dialog is responsive, so it can be used for mobile app integration and also only the General tab is available.

Edit Object

URL Example:{"embedded":true,"dialogId":"be4ceef2-aadf-ca41-a130-08d46543427a","objectId":"ab111d51-45d1-cba9-3fd5-08dbdaecc035","type":"SPSActivityTypeTicket","viewType":"edit"}

The "objectId" is mandatory parameter representing an object that will be edited.

Preview Object

URL Example:{"embedded":true,"dialogId":"be4ceef2-aadf-ca41-a130-08d46543427a","objectId":"ab111d51-45d1-cba9-3fd5-08dbdaecc035","type":"SPSActivityTypeTicket","viewType":"preview"}

 "isArchived" is a mandatory parameter indicating a current object will be taken for previewing if the value is set to "0"; otherwise, an archived one if parameter is set to "1".
The "previewWidgetId" parameter is optional providing a concrete dialog for preview; otherwise, used by dialog with higher priority (by default).

Open Wizard URL pattern

URL Example demonstrates how to open Forward wizard for an incident in Service Desk{"objectId":"ab111d51-45d1-cba9-3fd5-08dbdaecc035","type":"SPSActivityTypeIncident","viewType":"action","actionId":"580b9b8e-91d8-e511-9b82-60e327035d31"}

&presetParams={} parameter provides access to prefill datamodel.

Next URL Example demonstrates how to open Send E-mail wizard for an incident in Service Desk with prefilled the following fields:the option CC is on, and one user added to CC list as well as set Message text by default.{"objectId":"ab111d51-45d1-cba9-3fd5-08dbdaecc035","type":"SPSActivityTypeIncident","viewType":"action","actionId":"18120902-fdd9-e511-9b82-60e327035d31"}&presetParams={"Context":{"IsVisibleCC":true,"RecipientCC":{"all":["36172e8b-555f-e811-789c-d850e6420719"]}},"SubmitData":{"data":{"Text":"Test EMail"}}}

User with Admin Role also has possibility to open wizard in new window and copy URL from there with necessary set parameters.

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