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Fragments Data Service: Create Fragment


Creates a new Data Definition fragment. The operation is required for cases of multi-fragments or optional fragments.



POST https://{server_domain}/m42Services/api/data/fragments/{ddname}

URL Attributes  

Element Description Type Required
ddName Technical name of the Data Definition (e.g. SPSRatingSummaryClassBase) string Required


For a list of available HTTP request headers see Web Services: REST API integration.

 POST body 

Element Description Type Required


Request Body with a JSON containing all necessary data for Fragment creation.

For JSON  structure examples see  Fragments Data Service: Get Fragment page.

JSON Required

 Sample Request 

POST https://{server_domain}/m42Services/api/data/fragments/{ddname}

Authorization: Bearer YWsamplezhZARaccessGDuctoken2sYW1

Content-Type: application/json;charset=UTF-8

Explicit-Language: en


"requiredDDElements": "value"



Element Description Type
GuidType Id of the created Fragment. GUID

Sample Response 


Status codes and errors  

The following table lists the returned HTTP status codes.

Code Description


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