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Objects Data Service: Get Object data


Gets the whole Object with the specified Configuration Item name and object ID. The Service returns exclusively the data belonged to object (e.g. attributes, N:1 relations).  Virtual attributes, like N:M or 0/1 to N relations are not returned and need to be obtained with the additional Web Service request.



GET  http(s)://{server_domain}/M42Services/api/data/objects/{ciname}/{objectid}?full={full}

URL Attributes and Query Parameters

Element Description Type Required
ciName Technical name of the Configuration Item (e.g. for Incident is "SPSActivityTypeIncident") string Required
objectId Id of the Object of specified Configuration Item GUID Required


Signals to load the whole Object with all related multi-fragments data, otherwise, all multi-fragments are omitted. Default value: false boolean Optional


For a list of available HTTP request headers see Web Services: REST API integration.

Element Description Type Required
  • Set: explicitly sets the data language expected by the caller. Only languages known by the System can be used.


  1.  "de";
  2. "de-ch"
  • Not set: if not set the language specified in the current user Profile (selected in the UI console) is used for response data.
string Optional


The whole Object with all defined Data Definitions and attributes. The  Multi-fragments are present only when parameter full is set.

The result object has the following structure:

   "ID":"{Object ID}",
      "ID":"{DataDefinitionName1 Fragment Id}",
      "TimeStamp":"{Concurrecy Marker}",
      "Attribute1":"Value for Attribute1",
      "ID":"{MultiFragmentDataDefinitionName1Fragment Id}",
      "TimeStamp":"{Concurrecy Marker}",
      "Attribute1":"Value for Attribute1",

TimeStamp is a special marker is used for the concurrency issues handling on modifying the Fragment. TimeStamp is generated for each Object Fragment.

Status codes and errors

Exception Condition
404 The object with the specified Configuration Item and Object ID is not present, or not allowed for the caller.


Retrieve Category Object in German


Authorization: Bearer {token}
Explicit-Language: de


      "Description":"Tickets im Zusammenhang mit dem automatisierten Enrollment mobiler Geräte.",
      "Name":"MDM Geräteanmeldung",

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