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Objects Data Service: Delete Object


Deletes the object from Database defined by the Configuration Item name and the object ID.


DELETE https://{server_domain}/m42Services/api/data/objects/{ciName}/{objectId}

URL attributes

URL Attribute Description Type Required
ciName Technical name of the Configuration Item (e.g. SPSActivityTypeIncident) string Required


Id of the Object of specified Configuration Item. GUID Required


Header Name Description Required Values
Authorization Authorization type and the access token. Required See Authorization section.
Content-Type The format of the data to be posted and used character encoding standard. Required application/json;charset=UTF-8

Sample Request

DELETE https://{server_domain}/m42Services/api/data/objects/SPSActivityTypeIncident/7b78499b-a4f1-c649-58e9-08d6a61795c2

Authorization: Bearer YWsamplezhZARaccessGDuctoken2sYW1

Content-Type: application/json;charset=UTF-8



The server does not return any response.

Status Codes and Errors

The following table lists the returned HTTP status codes.

Code Description
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