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Importing Data as Quick Import Definition


This page explains how to import data of configuration items by using a quick import definition.

Enabled quick import definition option allows importing large amounts of data of the same structure by filling out the template file and running an import definition based on the manually uploaded and filled out template file.

Quick import definition option can be enabled when creating new or editing default-provided import definitions and can be accessed at Administration application → Integration Import Import Definitions → click any Import Definition for details preview.

Quick import definitions are marked on the import definition preview page as follows:


Enabling quick import definition

Quick import definition function is not available for all configuration items. With the import procedure, you can update the existing configuration items and add new ones.

Quick import definition can be enabled for a number of import definition data sources:

  • Text File (including .csv, .txt, .tab,.asc);
  • Excel 97-2003 (Microsoft Excel file *.xls);
  • Excel (Microsoft Excel file *.xlsx).

Editing quick import definition

You can either create a new GDIE import definition or use the one that is supplied by Matrix42 Workspace Management by default. 

An import definition defines the rules according to which the data is imported (mapping rules). The data that you import usually comes from a table that should follow the rules of the respective import definition. To simplify import actions, you can use a predefined file for every import procedure. You only need to enter your data in the file.

If you have to enter large amounts of data frequently (such as cost categories) to Matrix42 Workspace Management, we recommend that you opt for the quick import definition. Compared with standard data input in the Matrix42 Workspace Management user interface, this is much faster because you only have to enter your data in the predefined template file, such as an Excel file, and then import the file.

Preparing Template File

Start Matrix42 Workspace Management and click the Administration workspace. In the navigation area, click Import → Import Definitions. Before executing the quick import definition, upload the source data to a template file:

  1. You can either create a new import definition or use the existing one. As the import definitions that come with Matrix42 Workspace Management are sufficient for most import procedures, we recommend using the existing settings unless they fit your particular needs. Click Next.
  2. If the suitable Source Type is already selected, change nothing here. Save the template file to your device. Click Download Template File,  save and open it with an appropriate for the file type editor.
  3. Enter the data that you want to import in the file, save and upload the file to the edited import definition.


Do not change the column headers or structure of the downloaded template file. Any changes may require additional adjustments in the import definition settings.

Uploading file and importing data

To Import a File with the Import Wizard:

  1. Drag&drop the necessary file on the "Drop here" area of the page or click the "Drop here" block to browse and specify the path to the file manually;
  2. Click Additional Settings button;
  3. Culture context: specify the language settings of the uploaded file. This selection is important especially if the Excel file is uploaded as it may contain country-specific data such as dates, number formats, or currencies. Proceed to the next step.
  4. Mapping Rules: the mapping rules defined in the import definition are displayed. Make no changes. Proceed to the following steps until the execute import option becomes available.
  5. Run import and wait until all the steps are completed successfully and the imported data becomes available.

For configuration items that have a hierarchical structure (for example, organizational units or locations), you should run the import procedure twice. The first run imports the configuration items, and the second run links them to the parent configuration items.

Default provided quick import definitions

By default, the  Matrix42 Workspace Management provides the following quick import definitions with pre-defined data source templates and mapping rules:

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