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Import Schedule Settings

Created import definitions can be run by schedule. To configure the import definition schedule: 

  1. Start Matrix42 Workspace Management and click the Administration workspace;
  2. In the navigation area, click Services & Processes → Engine Activations;
  3. On the toolbar, click Add Engine Activation:
  4. In General tab, enter a name for the engine activation:
  5. In Activated Engines section, click add icon and assign GDIE Import in the Engine to be Activated field:
  6. Add import definitions, which you want to execute with this activation and click Finish button. Browse lookup suggests to choose from a list of all available in the system import definitions:
    import_definition _add.png
  7. In the Schedules section, click add icon and enter detailed information about the schedule and click Finish:
  8. When all settings are ready, click Done to save and close the import engine activator;
  9. To test the engine activation or to run the import immediately, click Activate in the action panel;
  10. Check the results in the corresponding import log files.
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