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How to implement new Business Logic


How to implement new business logic under the umbrella of the Matrix42 Application Server Platform
The SolutionBuilder offers two basic approach to introducing a new Business Logic on Application Server. Either introducing a new Workflow, or developing your own Web Service, and embedding it to Application Server

Develop own Web Service

The most universal approach, as it provides full range of tool, which allows to implement anything.  But this approach has a big downside, as requires Software Development skills, particularly in .NET. 
Please check the article "Develop and Register Web Service".
Once the Web Service is deployed to Server and registered in the SolutionBuilder Service Repository, the Serice methods can be used in Layout Designer

Using Workflows

Workflows is very powerful approach to develop your own, or adjusting already present business logic.  Developing and using Workflows are seamlessly integrated to SolutionBuilder. For more information how to build Workflows, check the user guide Workflow


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