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Matrix42 Self-Service Help Center

Updating a license based on matching SKUs

To update several values in the license's edit form, you can use the Publisher Part Number (SKU) field on the General page:

  1. Enter the complete SKU number (remember that wildcards are not allowed).
  2. If there are licenses or LIS catalog items with the same SKU in the system, they will be available for selection in the Matching items from license inventory and LIS vendor catalogs drop-down field.

Only items with software products are listed.

  1. Select the suitable item and click Yes to apply values from this item to the current license.

The following values will be updated:

  • License type
  • Software product
  • License model
  • Language

 If any of these values is filled in in the current license, but not filled in for the matching item, it will not be cleared after applying the new values.

  1. Click Save or Done.

In some cases a license can become invalid after applying values from another item. You should review license validation results and adjust the information if necessary.