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License edit form


You can manage your licenses in the Licenses application under the Purchased Licenses navigation item. Licenses can be imported to the system or created manually by using the Add License action.

If you create a license manually, it is important to select the appropriate type of license. Validation of a license, its compliance status, and mandatory attributes will differ based on the license type.

Layout of a license dialog

Before filling out a license dialog, have a look at the layout of information in the dialog.

General page

Most of the essential information about a license is located on the General page. The Catalog Item section contains data about the purchase of a license. Details about software product, license model, usage rights, etc. should be entered in the Usage Rights section. If the Unlimited checkbox is selected, it means that a license has unlimited number of usage rights and can entitle any number of license requirements.

Data in the Ownership and License Pool sections determines to which organizational divisions a license can be assigned. If the license type entails software product maintenance, relevant information should be specified in the Maintenance section.

Availability page

This dialog page helps you manage the assignment of a license to certain organizational divisions and consumers. Current License Pool and Schedule of Future License Pool can be edited via the Set License Pool action. In the System Restrictions grid, you can add all devices for which this license can be exclusively used. In the Reservations grid, you can specify consumers whose license requirements will have privilege over others.

Purchase page

All details pertaining to the purchase and depreciation of a license are displayed in this page.

Related Licenses page

The License Family section contains possible parent or children of the license. License families appear when you partly transfer a license by using the respective action. The Base Licenses grid is editable for licenses of certain types and has to contain licenses that are a foundation of the selected license. The Upgrade Licenses grid lists relationships with licenses where the selected license is used as a base license.

Attachments page

Any relevant files are stored here.

Journal page

Comments and changes of the license are displayed.

Activities page

If you want to add a task or appointment relevant for this license, use this page.