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Setting confirmation mode for software products


The confirmation mode is a setting for software products that defines if corresponding license requirements are valid immediately after creation or need to be confirmed manually by a user. This is relevant only for automatically created license requirements. The Enable license requirement confirmation mode setting is managed for all software products under Settings in the Licenses application. The confirmation mode is normally activated; however, the system administrator can deactivate it.

Benefits of the activated confirmation mode are:

  • Being informed about unconfirmed license requirements helps you review authorization of the corresponding deployment just in time and manage possible unauthorized occurrences.
  • Confirmation prior to entitlement helps you decide about eligible license model in case of several licensing options (e.g., Server + CAL vs. CPU).

Running the Set Confirmation Mode action for a certain software product overwrites the global setting for this particular software product.

Setting confirmation mode for a software product

On the software product preview and dialog, there is the Confirmation Mode/Auto-confirmation field that indicates whether the confirmation of automatically calculated license requirements is made manually or automatically.

To change the confirmation option:

  1. Run the Set Confirmation Mode action.
  2. In the wizard that opens select the required option.
  3. If you are switching to manual confirmation, you can choose to revoke the confirmation of already existing license requirements.
  4. Finish the wizard and review relevant license requirements to decide if they are valid for license entitlement.

If you automate confirmation for selected software products, the system will automatically process the corresponding records. We recommend that you choose this option only if you are sure that the automatically created license requirements are accurate, especially in terms of license model.

Only confirmed license requirements are analyzed in the license compliance report.

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