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Adding base licenses to a license conversion


A license conversion is a specific type of license that is used when licensing metric (the unit that the publisher counts when you purchase usage rights) change.


  • You have a license of metric "per CPU" in your inventory
  • You want to migrate this license to a "per Core" metric

This type of license allows re-calculating the number of available usage rights for a software product according to the changed metric. 

How to calculate the conversion factor

To calculate your conversion factor, simply divide the number of usage rights of the new metric by the number of required usage rights of the old metric.


The publisher grants you the right to convert your existing licenses into the new metric using following rules:

  1. For every single "CPU" usage right you get 4 "Core" usage rights (conversion factor = 4 / 1 = 4.0)
  2. For every 4 "CPU" usage rights you get one "Server" usage right (conversion factor = 1 / 4 = 0.25)

Please note that the system rounds-up possible decimal values!


  • Usage rights of the conversion license is 15 (new metric)
  • Conversion factor: 4 / 1 = 4
  • Required usage rights from base licenses: 15 / 4 = 3,75 => 4 (old metric)

Use case

Select the license where you want to add a base license to and run action Add Base Licenses.

In the wizard page you can see/edit the following information:

  1. Acknowledge the number of purchased usage rights of the selected license for which you executed the action (8 in the example below).
  2. Enter the conversion factor according to the publisher's license converting rules (see calculation above; 4.0 in the example below)
  3. Select the licenses that you want to become base licenses.
  4. If required, adjust the amount of accounted usage rights if you do not want to use the selected licenses entirely in this "base license" relation.
    This value must not be greater than the sum of usage rights provided from your selected licenses.
  5. Decide whether restrictions and reservations for license consumption should be copied from the base licenses. This checkbox is shown only when at least one of the base licenses has either restrictions or reservations or both.

If you later remove the relation to a certain base license, reservations and restrictions will not be removed.