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Automate license requirements for Matrix42 Enterprise Service Management

This article applies to version 9.1.2 and later.


Matrix42 Enterprise Service Management consists of different products. All of them are installed with the installation program. Accordingly, there is only one fingerprint that does not tell about the products that are enabled by certificates and thus relevant for licensing and compliance. 

This document explains how to automate the process of license requirement creation.

Run system metering

First of all, automatic system metering has to be enabled. By default, it is enabled with a fresh install, but could have been disabled by the administrator. So please ensure that the System Measurement engine activation is enabled with an appropriate schedule. By default, the engine activation is run monthly. To adjust the activation, open the Administration application, navigate to Services & Processes > Engine Activations, and find the System Measurement activation. Run the Enable action if it is disabled.

If you do not want to wait until the monthly schedule execution is due, you may run the activation immediately with the Activate action. 

More information about System Metering can be found here.

Assign fingerprints

The engine activation will create one fingerprint record for every certificate that is deployed in the system. The License Intelligence Service (LIS) will automatically assign them to the corresponding software products. If you do not use LIS, assign the fingerprints manually by using the Classify action. 

If you have licensed the products included in Matrix42 Enterprise Service Management as a suite, you may assign the fingerprint for the server installation to the corresponding suite software product (e.g. Workspace Management Enterprise).  

Choose license model

The engine activation also updates three relevant license models by inserting the calculated quantity directly into the count expression of the corresponding license model:

  • Matrix42 Device
  • Matrix42 User
  • Matrix42 Help Desk Agent

These license models are provided by LIS. If you use other license models, the required quantity will not be set by the system metering engine activation. 

Based on the fingerprints that are assigned to software products, the system will create license requirements. Make sure that license requirements use the license model that corresponds with your Matrix42 license contract, since there are different options of licensing. 

Review metering report

Connect to the desktop of your Matrix42 application server via RDP, go to the Matrix42 Enterprise Service Management installation folder, and navigate to the Metering sub-folder. The metering reports are located in different sub-folders titled according to the runtime date. Go to the most recent folder and open the HTML or PDF document with the metering results. Depending on the license model that is relevant for your contract, check either "Device Overview", "User Overview" or "Help Desk Agent Overview" for correct results. 

  1. Check your contract and the general business terms for the definition which devices or users are relevant for licensing. 
  2. Check the status values of your assets or users to know if they correspond with that definition in terms of being relevant for licensing.  
  3. If the numbers from your data do not correspond with contracts and terms, adjust the settings described below to match the criteria used in the system metering.
  4. Re-run the metering and review the metering report again. Repeat until numbers correspond with licensing terms. 

Relevant devices

Devices are considered as relevant for licensing with Matrix42 if their asset status is relevant in terms of at least one of the below mentioned configurations:

  • License Compliance (configured in system settings of Licenses application)
  • End-of-Life Monitoring (configured in system settings of Assets application)
  • Automatic Principal User Assignment (configured in system settings of Assets application)
  • Help Desk (configured in system settings of Service Desk application) 

Relevant users

Users are considered as relevant for licensing with Matrix42 if their status is active and they are natural persons. Non-human system users are identified by the following criteria from their user accounts in Active Directory (AD):

  • Password does not expire
  • User cannot change password

Relevant Help Desk agents

Users are considered as relevant for licensing with Matrix42 if their status is active and they have more than read-only access rights to the Incident configuration item. 

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