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Viewing the license library for software products


Among its many features, the LIS premium service level offers access to the license library for software products.

LIS Premium is the new service level for License Intelligence Service. It is available as subscription on the Matrix42 Marketplace.

If you are subscribed to LIS Premium, you have access to thousands of documents about licensing terms. To find available documents for a certain software product, use the Library action.

Eligibility to access the license library

For access to the license library, register for a LIS Premium subscription with TERMS option enabled on Matrix42 Marketplace. The license library is included only with the TERMS option.

For more information on different LIS subscriptions, refer to LIS Service Levels.

How to review the available library

In the Software Compliance navigation item, you can enable the Library column for all software products. By default it is disabled, but it can be enabled in grid view options. You can also check the License Library Available field on the software product preview and in its dialog. This value shows if the library for this software product exists on CCP resource. CCP is Matrix42 partner that provides the license library.

To see licensing documents for a particular software product, use the Library action. Running the action opens a list of documents. You can click corresponding links to download them.


Understanding information messages for license library

Sometimes when you run the Library action, you can get an information message instead of the list of documents. There are four possible messages to indicate that library is unavailable.

Your LIS license certificate has not been activated. Please contact Matrix42 support to activate a subscription.

This message means that your LIS certificate is either expired or needs to be activated. In this case, you are also unable to run updates from LIS and your LIS data might be out-dated.

This content is only available with eligible "Premium" subscriptions for License Intelligence Service (LIS). For access to license library, register for a LIS Premium subscription with TERMS option on Matrix42 Marketplace.

You need to be a subscriber of the LIS Premium service level with the TERMS option enabled in order to access license library for software products. You can find out more about different types of Premium subscriptions on Matrix42 Marketplace.

No documents are available in License Library for this software product.

This message means that there are no documents on the partner's website for this software.

This software product is not recognized by License Intelligence Service (LIS).

Such a message is shown when you try to run the Library action for a software product that has been created manually as opposed to being imported from LIS.

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