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Creating a license from a SKU


A stock keeping unit (SKU, Publisher Part Number) of a license can be used to create a license that is based on data from the License Intelligence Service (LIS) server. By running the Create License from SKU action and entering an SKU, you can avoid filling in a lot of information manually. This action is available in the Purchased Licenses navigation item of the Licenses application.

The LIS catalog should be downloaded to the system first. Therefore, you should configure and activate the LIS-Online Update Data Provider. If data is downloaded for the first time, the process may take up to 6 hours.

Creating a license based on the vendor's SKU

In the Purchased Licenses navigation item, run the Create License from SKU action.

Step 1. Publisher Part Number

In the first step of the wizard, a user should specify the exact number of an existing SKU. If there is a LIS catalog item or an existing license with such an SKU, the Available SKU Items button becomes available.

Step 2. Available SKU Items

This page shows existing licenses and LIS catalog items that have a matching SKU. Review the records, select an appropriate item, and click Catalog Item and Quantity.

Step 3. Catalog Item and Quantity

The page displays data that is taken from the selected license item. You should check whether it corresponds with the desired values and edit if necessary. You can adjust all values, but keep in mind that data in the Type, Software, and License Model fields influences the validation of your license.

Only those license models that are relevant for the selected software can be selected.

Click Purchase Information to proceed.

Step 4. Purchase Information

This information is important for successful validation of the license. Therefore, you need to do one of the following:

  • Provide order number and supplier.
  • Provide invoice number and supplier.
  • Select a purchase contract.

After you have provided the purchase data, click Ownership

Step 5. Ownership

You need to specify to which organizational divisions the license will belong. By default the Organizational Unit, Location, and Cost Center fields are filled in with values from the current user's account.

Click License Pool to proceed to the final step.

Step 6. License Pool

On this page you need to select Organizational Unit, Location, and Cost Center for the current license pool. By default the Organizational UnitLocation, and Cost Center fields are filled with values from step 5. Keep in mind that if you return to step 5 and change the values, the License Pool values will remain unchanged.

After you click the Create License from SKU button:

  • The wizard creates a new license.
  • This license is opened for editing.