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Matrix42 Self-Service Help Center

Managing Office 365 Subscriptions


After you have imported subscriptions and authorized users from the Microsoft Office 365 solution, you can manage them in Matrix42 Software Asset & Service Management.

To see the imported data:

  1. Open the Licenses application and go to the License Inventory navigation item.
  2. You can find all subscriptions under the Office 365 item and all authorized users accessing the solution under the Subscribers item.

License Compliance for Managing Office 365

Currently Office 365 subscriptions are imported as licenses. Such licenses can be edited via the dialog and by using actions available for standard license objects.

Initially, these licenses will be invalid because they do not have an assigned software product. Therefore, you need to manually assign a relevant software product for the licenses to become valid.

If authorized users from Office 365 are not registered in Matrix42 Software Asset & Service Management, they will be placed under the Clearing Required navigation item. For the subscribers to become valid for license compliance, a corresponding person with the same email must be created in the system. If this person is active, the system will create license requirements. Once the person is deleted, the license requirement will also be deleted.