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Adding base license to a license conversion


A license conversion is a specific type of license that is used when licensing conditions for software products change. This type of license allows re-calculating the number of available usage rights for a software product. For a license conversion to be validated successfully, it needs to have at least one base license.

How to add base license(s)

  1. Open the license conversion dialog and go to the Related Licenses page.
  2. In the Base Licenses grid, click Add. The Add New page opens.
  3. Select the Show licenses from all publishers checkbox. Otherwise, only licenses that belong to the same publisher as the license conversion will be shown.
  4. Click the looking glass button in the Base License field. The Select Object(s) page opens.
  5. Use search to find the required base license and then click it. The base license is now selected in the Add New page.
  6. The Number of missing rights from base license hint shows how many usage rights this license requires. The Available licenses count hint shows how many usage rights of the base license can be converted into usage rights of the license conversion.
  7. You can edit the Count and Conversion Factor fields. Values in these fields are multiplied. The Count field shows how many rights are taken from the base license and the Conversion Factor field contains the number by which the source usage rights are multiplied. The result of multiplication will be the number of valid usage rights obtained by the license conversion.

If you enter incorrect values in the Count field or the Conversion Factor field, a relevant warning message will be shown to help you adjust your data.
These table shows samples of valid license conversions.

Usage Rights Required by License Conversion Usage Rights Available in Base License Count Conversion Factor Result
20 10 10 1 10
20 10 5 2 10
20 10 10 1.5 15
20 10 10 0.5 5
20 10 10 2 20
10 20 10 1 10
10 20 20 0.5 10
10 20 5 2 10
10 20 3 3 9
  1. You can add as many base licenses as needed. However, keep in mind that if you add an unlimited base license, the license conversion cannot have other base licenses. Otherwise, it will be invalid.

 If the license conversion has unlimited usage rights, make sure that its base license is also unlimited.