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Manage subscriptions for Microsoft Office 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud


Both Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Office 365 offer a subscription service. In Creative Cloud, software is downloaded from the internet and installed directly on a local computer. Microsoft Office 365 is a hybrid-cloud software consisting of a cloud subscription per user and optionally installed desktop installations on computers. 

If you want to manage your license requirements and subscriptions for either of these services, there are the following three options:

  1. Using the Matrix42 MyWorkspace SaaS data provider to import subscriptions and subscribers (authorized accounts) directly from Microsoft Office 365 portal and Adobe Admin Console (recommended)
  2. Assigning managed Active Directory groups containing user accounts that are authorized for respective products
  3. Using fingerprints from installed desktop applications assigned by License Intelligence Service (LIS) 

It is recommended to follow option 1 since it provides accurate results. You should NOT mix these approaches as it may lead to incorrect results. 

Using Matrix42 MyWorkspace SaaS Data Provider

Using the MyWorkspace SaaS data provider is the recommended approach to managing license compliance for Microsoft Office 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud. This approach yields accurate results regarding required licenses.

As a first step, you need to download, install, and configure the MyWorkspace SaaS data provider. Instructions can be found here. With every activation, this data provider will import existing subscriptions and subscribers (authorized user accounts) from the configured source (Microsoft Office 365 portal or Adobe Admin Console or both).

To see the imported data:

  1. Open the Licenses application and go to the Purchased Licenses navigation item.
  2. You can find all subscriptions under the SaaS item and all authorized users under the Subscribers item.

Validation of imported subscriptions

Office 365 and Creative Cloud subscriptions are imported as licenses. Such licenses can be edited via the dialog and by using actions available for standard license objects.

Initially, these licenses are invalid. In order to make them valid, you have to:

  • assign the relevant software product,
  • set the license pool according to your requirements,
  • and provide information authenticating the purchase.

Assignment of imported subscribers

Subscribers imported from Microsoft Office 365 portal and Adobe Admin Console are matched to Matrix42 users by their e-mail address. If the system cannot find a person with the specified e-mail address, the subscriber will be displayed under the Clearing Required navigation item.

If the system was not able to identify a subscriber, you need to create a user with the same e-mail address. The system will automatically match them when running the engine activation "License Management - Data Batch Processing".  Make sure that the status of this person is Active. Otherwise, no license requirement will be created.

Using Active Directory groups

Using managed AD groups that contain authorized user accounts is an eligible way if you do not want to use the MyWorkspace SaaS data provider. In this case, it falls under your responsibility to keep these AD groups accurately up-to-date.

The general workflow is as follows:

  • Licenses: Create licenses of the Subscription type.
  • License Requirements: Assign the AD groups with authorized users to the corresponding software products. The system will then maintain license requirements automatically after every AD import.

If you are using AD groups to create license requirements, you should remove all assigned fingerprints from the corresponding software products. Otherwise, you may get additional license requirements from installed desktop applications on devices whose principal users are not listed in the Microsoft Office 365 portal and Adobe Admin Console.

Using installed desktop applications

 If you want to manage your SaaS subscriptions neither by using the MyWorkspace SaaS data provider nor by assigning the managed AD groups,  you can derive license requirements from installed desktop applications. 

This approach is the easiest way and may work correctly for simple scenarios. However, it is your responsibility to ensure that every authorized user has the SaaS desktop applications installed only on those devices where he/she is assigned as a principal user. If this is not the case, results may be incorrect reporting wrong amount of required licenses.

The general workflow is as follows:

  • Licenses: Create licenses of the Subscription type.
  • License Requirements: LIS automatically assigns fingerprints for Office 365 and/or Adobe desktop applications to corresponding software products. The system will then maintain license requirements after every import of the computer inventory data.