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Tracking local usage for software products


The SCCM and Empirum data providers can import records of the local application usage if relevant data is present in SCCM and Empirum respectively. These records show when and by which user an application was run locally on a computer.

To be able to see these records in Enterprise Service Management, you need to configure application usage tracking for corresponding software products.

How to configure the local application usage tracking

First you need to make sure that application usage records exist in SCCM or Empirum.

To display application usage records in Enterprise Service Management:

  1. Import computers and their inventory data from SCCM or Empirum.
  2. Set up usage tracking for a relevant software product. On the License RequirementsUsage Tracking page of the software product:
  • Select checkbox Enable tracking of the following executables.
  • Under Relevant Application Executables, type an exact known executable that is run on computers imported by the data provider. Specifying the executable version is optional.
  • Save the changes.
  1. In the Licenses application, go to Technical Inventory > Fingerprints and find a fingerprint that corresponds to the above-mentioned software product. Run the Classify action to assign this fingerprint to your selected software.
  2. Run the inventory data provider (SCCM or Empirum) again.

As a result, the system will display usage tracking records for the software product run locally under Technical Inventory > Application Usage > Local Usage in the Licenses application.

You can configure the period of time when these records remain in the system in the Delete Application Usage Data (after Days) setting.

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