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Checking status of software products


You can analyze the compliance and inventory statuses for each software product in the system. The compliance status evaluates the number of license requirements and their status. The inventory status shows the number of licenses, their usage and validity.

Analyzing compliance and inventory of a software product

To view compliance and inventory statuses of a software product:

  1. Open the Licenses application and go to Software Compliance > Relevant. All software products that are used by different consumers and therefore important for license compliance are located under the Relevant navigation item.
  2. Click any software product. If this software has valid license requirements or assigned licenses, its preview contains the Compliance Status and/or Inventory Status chart(s).

Compliance Status

The Compliance Status chart displays statuses of the effective license requirements grouped by the license model. The following status values can be shown:

  • Licensed. License requirements that have assigned licenses.
  • Missing. License requirements that do not have assigned licenses.
  • Rejected. License requirements that have been rendered ineffective by an end user (via the Confirm action).

Inventory Status

The Inventory Status chart displays statuses of the available usage rights grouped by the license model. The following status values can be shown:

  • Used/Unused. Usage rights of valid licenses that are assigned to effective license requirements or available to be assigned.
  • Expired. Number of usage rights of expired licenses.
  • Invalid. Number of invalid usage rights provided by licenses.

 The unlimited licenses are not considered when generating this chart.