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What are fingerprints


A fingerprint is a technical signature that is used to determine what applications are installed on a computer. Inventory data providers and the Matrix42 Empirum connector automatically scan the computers for fingerprints, and then create a list of all installed applications for each computer. This information is used as a starting basis for license management.

A fingerprint normally contains the following information:

  • Manufacturer, name, and version of application.
  • Related software is specified if this fingerprint is assigned to the software product.
  • The Scan Type and Created By fields provide the data on source of inventory.
  • Status and reason specify whether this fingerprint is relevant for licensing or not.
  • Systems are the devices on which the fingerprint has been identified.

Life cycle

After fingerprints have been imported from a connected inventory management system, the Matrix42 License Intelligence Service (LIS) assigns (classifies) the fingerprints to a software product if this product is relevant for licensing. Fingerprints of software products that do not require a commercial license are not assigned; instead, they are marked as "ignored". We recommend that you check these assignments and change them if appropriate.

You may classify the fingerprints yourself at any time:

  1. In the Licenses application go to Fingerprints > All Installed.
  2. Select a fingerprint and click Classify in the action pane. A wizard opens.
  3. Select from the following options:
  • Reset Fingerprint(s): Select this option if you want to reset current classification and re-apply possible software recognition by LIS.
  • Ignore Fingerprint(s): Select this option and select the reason in the Reason drop-down field if the fingerprint is not relevant for licensing.
  • Associate Fingerprint(s) with Software Product: Assign the application to a software product.
  1. Click Classify.
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