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Single engine activation for License and Asset Management


Starting from the release of 10.0.4 version, it is possible to run engines in a sequence. This feature allows to improve execution of automated processes in a secure and efficient way.

Core engines pertaining to the Assets and Licenses applications have been updated to support this feature. Therefore, now you can configure a custom engine activation that will execute the specified engines in a sequence. Such an engine activation will ensure that data is updated and processed in the most consistent way.

Recommended sequence of engines

The following list specifies the engines that can be run in a sequence and the recommended order of running them:

  1. Empirum Connector
  2. License Manager - Overnight processing
  3. License Manager Recalculate Statistics
  4. Business Intelligence Manager
  5. License Manager Remote Usage Data Processing
  6. Asset Manager - Overnight processing

To create a new engine activation that will run engines in a sequence, please refer to this article.


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