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Permissions to dialogs available in the Licenses application

This article lists all dialogs that are restricted by application and available in the Licenses application; i.e., these dialogs are accessible only from the specified applications.

Dialogs available to everyone

The following dialogs are available in the Licenses application to all users:

  • Airwatch Enrollment Dialog (Provisioning)
  • AirWatch Install Application Dialog (Provisioning)
  • Announcement Dialog
  • Appointment Dialog
  • Assign AD Group Dialog (Provisioning)
  • Business Contact Dialog
  • Business Partner Dialog
  • License Requirement Rule Dialog
  • Computer Dialog
  • E-mail Signature Dialog
  • Execute Script Dialog (Provisioning)
  • Global System Settings Dialog (Licenses)
  • Install Software w. Empirum Dialog (Provisioning)
  • Install Software with EM Dialog (Provisioning)
  • Install Software with SCCM Dialog (Provisioning)
  • License Pool Dialog
  • License Requirement Dialog
  • Mobile Device Dialog
  • Monitor Dialog
  • Network Device Dialog
  • Note Dialog
  • Peripheral Device Dialog
  • Portable Storage Dialog
  • Printer Dialog
  • Send E-mail Dialog (Provisioning)
  • Service Bundle Dialog
  • Service Dialog
  • Service Group Dialog
  • Service Set Dialog
  • Silverback Tag Management Dialog (Provisioning)
  • SIM Card Dialog
  • Special Device Dialog [Obsolete]
  • Stock Keeping Unit Dialog
  • Un/Install Software via Altiris Dialog (Provisioning)
  • Un/Install Software w. Enteo Dialog (Provisioning)
  • Universal Asset Dialog

Dialogs available to specific roles

  Complex System Dialog Environment Dialog License Model Dialog
Oracle Database Instance Dialog Person Dialog
Compliance Management
Executive Management        
IT Asset Management    
License Management
Service Catalog Management        
Service Delivery Management        
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