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Examples of software suite consolidation


Consolidation of license requirements takes place when they should not be entitled by licenses due to the applied licensing rules.

There are several types of consolidation. For details, please refer to What is consolidation of license requirements.

Sometimes a license requirement falls under more than one type of consolidation. In this case the system applies priority rules for the consolidation logic. In general case the license assignment consolidation has priority over the other two types of consolidation. However, the suite consolidation is applied for license requirements for member software products with the mismatch between a technical consumer and a license model. Compare the examples below.

Suite consolidation for the same license model in suite and its member software


Suite consolidation for the different license models in suite and its member software

The suite consolidation takes priority over the consumer assignment consolidation if a license requirement from technical foundation has a non-user license model and a non-user consumer. In addition, in such a case there are three consolidation scenarios that apply in the order explained below.

  1. Suite consolidation is of the highest priority:


  1. If the system does not contain a license requirement for the suite software and a principal user of the VM, the assignment consolidation takes place:


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