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Journal Extended

The Journal Extended is an addon which provides several new features to the journal, such as the support of the hashtags, additional sorting, filtering and the enhanced email sending action. The addon is designed to be used in place of the original journal.



The following table describes each new element of the screenshot above.




Specify hashtags here Multi Enumeration Pickup None, one or more hashtags can be selected here and added to the journal entry upon its creation.
Show hashtags Multi Enumeration Pickup None, one or more hashtags can be selected here. Filters the journal entries and makes it show only those, that have selected hashtags.
Hide hashtags Multi Enumeration Pickup None, one or more hashtags can be selected here. Filters the journal entries and makes it show only those, that do not have selected hashtags. Journal entries without any hashtags are shown as well unless Show hashtags is specified. Hide hashtags prevails if both show and hide filters have the same hashtag specified.
Ascending Checkbox By default, all journal entries are shown in descending order. This checkbox allows to reverse the order.
Expand All Checkbox Allows to expand/collapse all journal entries at once.
Expanded journal entry hashtags Multi Enumeration Pickup

When entry is expanded, its hashtags can be edited in-place (see the first entry on the screenshot above).

This does not apply when the Journal Extended component is in Preview pane or in Read-only mode. 

Collapsed journal entry hashtags Read-only list

When entry is collapsed, its hashtags are just listed in the header. They can't be manipulated in any manner. 

When the Journal Extended component is in Preview pane or in Read-only mode, this is the only way the hashtags are shown.

Reply Button

Allows to call up the standard Send E-mail action. The difference is that it pre-populates recipients from a journal entry (including CCs and BCCs), as opposite to the standard behavior when the creator of the ticket is always pre-populated.

Reply buttons appear only next to the entries created by E-mail Robot. 

Comments are added to the email body.

Some JavaScript coding is required to bypass the standard behavior as described in the configuration section.


This Add-On is provided via Matrix42 Extension Gallery. It can be added as an extension via it's product page.

For a detailed instruction on how to install Add-Ons from the Extension Gallery see Installing an Extension.


The configuration package provides an empty pickup data definition MPLJournalPickupHashtag. It needs to be populated with some hashtags at Administration > Schema > Data Definitions. See the following screenshot as an example:


Values start from 20000, this is system requirement.

Visible checkbox controls if a hashtag is visible in Specify hashtags here, Show hashtags and Hide hashtags pickups of the Journal Extended component.

The Journal Extended component mostly uses its own web service, the operations need to be synchronized and the permissions adjusted. This is done at Administration > Integration > Web Services. The following screenshot shows the result of clicking the Synchronize Service action:


Four operations must be seen.

Permissions are adjusted by clicking Set Audience.

The last step is to change the standard behaviour of the Send E-mail action:

  •  Click Send E-mail action 


  • Click Change Layout


  • Add boolean property IsIgnoreInitiator to the Context in Data Model


  • Find property RecipientTo -> all[] in the Context and click Edit


  • Add variable with a name isIgnoreInitiator and point it to the above created Context.IsIgnoreInitiator property of the Data Model


  • Add following block of code into the below Expression (JavaScript) text block


Here is the same block of code in the plain text for copying:

//----Journal Extended block----------

console.log("Ignore Initiator: " + isIgnoreInitiator.$value);

if(true === isIgnoreInitiator.$value) {

    isIgnoreInitiator.$value = false;

    return $value


//----End of Journal Extended block---

  • Publish the changes.


As was already mentioned, the configuration package adds new pickup data definition MPLJournalPickupHashtag:


It also adds an extra attribute MPLHashtags to the journal entry data definition:



The end. Please enjoy using it.

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