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Solved Problems 9.1.x

 List of solved problems for Software Asset & Service Management 9.1 including all updates.

Version 9.1 Update 1

Hotfix (21.06.2019)

Problem Description
PRB33021 UUX Translation to german of word Activity in wrong in Merge Wizard
PRB32605 UUX - Error on adding Catalog to bundle does not work 
PRB33089 UUX -  An image that is already stored in the Knowledge Base article as an attachment cannot be added to the solution text.
n/a Amount of elements on Mobile Device Last Seen Overview dashboard chart is not equal to elements after drill-down 
n/a Licenses control on License Requirement preview shows several links to the same license
n/a License Requirement preview chart opens a wrong grid
PRB32605 UUX - Error on adding Catalog to bundle does not work
n/a "Debugger" is present in SVC-Service Dialog + 9.1.1
PRB33262 Inventory of VMware vCenter - Failed to convert a string to uniqueidentifier
PRB33250 UUX - Status Change in contract item not possible
PRB33112 UUX - Access rights to navigation elements are overwritten again and again
PRB33160 Generate the cost plans of contracts by default on a monthly basis
PRB33207 Empirum connector configuration, the domain is mandatory in UUX
PRB33138 UUX - Dialog with "Show As Wizard"=true does not open as wizard when called over quick link control

Official Release

Problem Description
n/a Allow Manage Devices action (use on preview) for incidents and mobiles
n/a Description is not set after manufacturer part-number (SKU) was applied in edit form of license

Release Candidate

Problem Description
PRB33145 UUX - Decide Approval Task Wizard shows irrelevant bookings
PRB33198  UUX - Approved Bookings are not removed from related Approval Tasks on the same
PRB33193  UUX - Incorrect localization when changing strings in User interface > localization
PRB33154  Reports for IT(Italy) language missing
n/a  Double click in Grid row on object where Dialog does not exists fails with exception
n/a  Several improvements for Blind People support in Navigation
n/a English grammar and spelling mistakes corrected

Release Candidate

Problem Description
PRB33108 O365 Connector delivers wrong number of license requirements
PRB33081 UUX - Cleaned Textbox attributes saved as Empty strings instead of NULL
PRB33071 UUX - Double Click works wrong in Object Lookup Dialogs in 9.1
PRB33055 Oracle Database Inventory Data Provider does not update IP-Address of scanned devices in the nova ratio appliance
PRB33049 UUX - Decide wizard corrupts the approval process
PRB33047 Legacy UI - The required service is added twice to Shopping Cart
PRB33040 UUX: Rights PDRDATAQueryType needed, if the new knowledge base article should be created
PRB33039 SCCM Data Provider does not import installed applications if Product Name, Publisher or version is NULL or empty
PRB33035 UUX: Limitation for exporting 10k entries must be configurable
PRB33021 UUX Translation to german of word Activity in wrong in Merge Wizard
PRB33020 UUX - Changing the Service Times does not reflect on Escalation Point calculations
PRB32999 UUX - Unexpected appearance of the notification "Service added to Shopping Cart"
PRB32979 UUX - Layout Designer - Missing line breaks in Help window (Localization)
PRB32978 AD Import - EmailAddress is not set to SPSAccountClassADUSer.MailAddress
PRB32970 Changes from "Assign AD Group" Workflow may get revoked by AD Import
PRB32965 GDIE - CSV per Web URL - Failed "Database or object is read-only"
PRB32963 UUX - System sets the Ownership for the new Objects where current user has not permissions
PRB32952 UUX - "Preview of Account for SSP" contains issue ln layout
PRB32943 After adding Computers to Environment respective License Requirements will not be deleted unless the minimum entitlement period has expired
PRB32934 UUX - SSP - Knowledge Base - User when change the Title for exsisiting KB articles its not getting reflected properly
PRB32916 #CIT10622 - UUX: Liste von Endgeräten exportieren. Rückmeldungen erforderlich.
PRB32915 UUX - Opening a link in an email does not authorize user and displays errormessage
PRB32908 UUX- Typing error in SCCM connection settings
PRB32901 UUX: Switching recipient in self service portal after order leads to non bookable service
PRB32879 UUX - Missing translation in Org.-Units
PRB32876 Restriction of the Quick Calls to individual users next to OU and Roles overrides the both other restrictions
PRB32861 UUX - If you change the category of a ticket it's not shown in the journal
PRB32858 UUX: Change Request: The flag "NewInformationReceived" is not set if an email is sent.
PRB32857 UUX - multiple booking of services possible
PRB32844 "Expand All" is not localized in the preview/journal
PRB32819 UUX - The summary for merged tickets is not complete
PRB32794 Automatic closing of the Incidents fails
PRB32792 UUX: Workflow from Extra Wizard cannot be started with non administrative user rights
PRB32785 UUX - Service Catalogue - Employee can skip approval step by setting approver as own deputy (delegate user)
PRB32775 UUX: Adding a link to the action exceeded the maximum length
PRB32772 UUX: Blurred font in navigation part of UUX in each application using IE as browser
PRB32764 UUX: Flickering on selecting value in mx-select/mx-enumeration picker controls
PRB32731 UUX - State of service time profiles is not filtered by stategroup
PRB32704 UUX: DATA Definition, the column "External Data Definition" is sometimes not displayed
PRB32702 Im Bundel nicht erkennbar was inkl. ist - UUX
PRB32661 Field "Type of Change" in Legacy UI change on switching dialog tabs if field is set to "read only"
PRB32642 UUX: Layout Designer - Error message "Not found" in relation of migrated dialog but relation exists
PRB32641 UUX: Membership import fails, when the imported account was changed and created again
PRB32626 UUX - Translation Error
PRB32624 #CIT10126 - Störungen zusammenführen: Information fehlt. Feedback Required.
PRB32618 UUX - unable to export filter result
PRB32509 UUX: Track Working Time considers only booked time which is within service time and begin time is not adjusted if duration is set manually
PRB32430 UUX: Missing option for Multiple Order Approvals in Self Service
PRB32311 UUX : Missing data source caused missbehavoiur of dialog
PRB32309 WSM Solution Builder: Dialog Anpassen Fehler 400
PRB32264 Inactive users are visible in a contract dialog
PRB32165 Service Katalog (Legacy SSP)
PRB32121 UUX - Service Preview Dialog - Related Activities filters for incidents only
PRB32008 Update - SSL Error via API - 2 identically named certificates are used (self signed + CA)
PRB31736 Public Holidays - Tickets still escalate
PRB31578 Portal Progress is not taken over properly on exporting Workflow with ServiceApprovalActivity and importing it
PRB30279 Searching for state in grid SPSEmailClassBaseColumns is not possible
PRB28336 Empirum Connector removes installation flags in software inventory when the Empirum record is deleted

Version 9.1


Problem Description
PRB33089 UUX -  An image that is already stored in the Knowledge Base article as an attachment cannot be added to the solution text
PRB33250 UUX - Status Change in contract item not possible
PRB33144  License conversion calculates "Available licenses count" incorrectly, when base License has already been partially converted
PRB32827 Engine "License Manager Process imported Licenses" fails when Status is NULL

UUX - Access rights to navigation elements are overwritten again and again


Problem Description
PRB32730 LCM Tasks in Process Queue create a lot of ArchiveDB Transactions
PRB33160 Generate the cost plans of contracts by default on a monthly basis

Empirum connector configuration, the domain is mandatory in UUX

PRB32605 UUX - Error on adding Catalog to bundle does not work
PRB33239 #LMIN70691 - Representative regulation works the other way round
n/a [Breaking Change] Both e-mail engines stop sending e-mails to users with Inactive/Deleted state

CoRus send mails to inactive users


Problem Description

Api Tokens can't be created for Users without AD accoutns


UUX: Object Picker: "Show More" button closes list


UUX - Incorrect localization when changing strings in User interface > localization


Problem Description
PRB32772  UUX: Blurred font in navigation part of UUX in each application using IE as browser


Problem Description
PRB33108  O365 Connector delivers wrong number of license requirements
PRB33061 UUX: object picker performance issue in Custom Forms in IE11
PRB33049 UUX - Decide wizard corrupts the approval process
PRB33039 SCCM Data Provider does not import installed applications if Product Name, Publisher or version is NULL or empty
PRB32940 UUX - Service Provisioning - Configuration Form for Workflow refers to a KBA after processing
PRB32934 UUX - SSP - Knowledge Base - User when change the Title for exsisiting KB articles its not getting reflected properly


Problem Description
PRB32872 UUX - The Custom Form Context Data (Service Details) are not present when order service with Assign Service action and in Order Preview.
PRB32768 Next Approval step will be skipped when first step decider has the second step decider as proxy person
PRB33068 UUX - Change Decline without the Comment causes - Error 500
PRB32973 UUX - The Decision Maker form is not saved during approvals
PRB33076  UUX - Date format in license view - Different date formats
PRB32932  UUX - Unable to login via SAML2 if login attempt is made by redirecting from adfs provider page (feature request)
PRB33069 UUX - Comment field in pause dialog is not prefilled sometimes if using action Send E-Mail with Chrome version 74
PRB32787 UUX - Selecting the classification Service Request when creating a ticket after you have already a category, the category will be reset
PRB33057 UUX - "Assign Service" always prefills Recipient with current user

UUX -  Adding link stopped working in Knowledge Base editor

PRB32858 UUX - Change Request: The flag "NewInformationReceived" is not set if an email is sent.
PRB32797 UUX - Cost Center or OU or Location is not assigned to an account automatically if changed in correspondent person object
PRB32700  Email Engine - Signature defined in Workflow Activity (Send Mail UUX) is not applied


Problem Description
n/a UUX Order form text overlays the decide button if german language is used
PRB33002 Stored Procedure usp_LCM_RecalculateLicenseDemandServerStatistics can block productive tables causing performance issues in UI
PRB33019 UUX - Localization import/update for languages having three and more structural levels (like "sr" -> "sr-Latn" -> "sr-Latn-RS")

UUX: Correction is not applied if using "Check spelling" function in Firefox

PRB32659 Problem mit Autofill-Option in Chrome


Problem Description
PRB32977 UUX - Assign Service allow to order not allowed Services
PRB32960 Compliance Rule does not react of CommonClassBase.OU


Problem Description
PRB32975 Contract Management Batch Processing creates incorrect Cost Plan for imported Contract Items
PRB32831 UUX - Order Bundle where some services have Excluded Service is not possible for another User if Requester already ordered excluded service
PRB32976 UUX: Create Problem/Create Incident stopped prefilling values from context
PRB32652 UUX -> complete platform -> wildcard '%' does not work in grid filter
PRB32980 Empirum Connector may fail on DTS Task_47 after update to 9.1
PRB32972 UUX - Asset Management Dashboard Drilldown not filtered
PRB32774 UUX: Knowledge Management: new versions are created when saving without changes
PRB32589 Bug by creating сurrency, decimal or float in pickup data definition
PRB32674 UUX: Problem Close Dialog with long solution text overlaps the following text/fields using Edge browser
PRB32973 UUX - The Decision Maker form is not saved during approvals


Problem Description
PRB32942 UUX - Tax cannot be changed or set to zero after input
PRB32913 Assets will lead to wrong principal users if the account name is not unique
PRB32946 Virtual Inventory Data Providers overwrite serial number of hosts
PRB32940 UUX - Service Provisioning - Configuration Form for Workflow refers to a KBA after processing
PRB32930 UUX - notification email is sent double during the transforming from ticket to incident after Update to
PRB32953 UUX - Assign service with ServiceForm is not possible via the Administrative Console
PRB32805 UUX - When assigning Service, which requires a technical target, from Service Catalog, the possible targets are not filtered


Problem Description
PRB32784 SPS: In Global system settings mistranslation
PRB32793 UUX -> ServiceDesk -> Global System Settings -> Incorrect Translation (DE) of System Setting Fields
PRB32839 UUX: Wrong translation in the reason of closure
PRB32820 UUX: Wrong French translation for the action 'withdraw'
PRB32628 UUX: Translation error in the import definition wizard
PRB32669 UUX: Typo in "Send KB via Mail" Wizard
PRB32765 UUX - Matching SLA is not automatically changed on clicking to DONE
PRB32136 UUX - User is unable to order for a different user a Second Service when he already have the required services added in his cart
PRB32672 UUX - Creating a ticket and selecting a QuickCall the category is not set properly. The category is not taken from quickcall
PRB32917 Error during installation of the Hotfix
PRB32891 UUX - SSP - Service Forms are not accessible when adding Service to cart using IE11 Browser
PRB32904 UUX - Approvals with Decider Form is not possible - Error 500
PRB32899 Exception on Application Start when CI is missing
PRB32838 UUX - WebAPI additional existing Parameters can not be used via DataSource in Solution Builder
PRB32712 UUX - Service Catalog - Service Approval could work incorrectly for users with restricted permissions
PRB32831 UUX - Order Bundle where some services have Excluded Service is not possible for another User if Requester already ordered excluded service


Problem Description
PRB32760 UUX - Sconto is not taken into account for contracts
PRB32716 License Requirements are not licensed by downgrade when downgrade dependency is added later
PRB32747 Automatic Contract renewal is applied to Contracts which have been manually canceled

Release Candidate

Problem Description
PRB32791 Windows Inventory Data Provider may not complete scan of Disk Partitions and fails
PRB32694 UUX -Descriptor Link Control does not create working links
PRB32789 UUX - After adding new computers to "System Restrictions", no adjustment is made to the number of valid usage rights
PRB32817 License with Reservation is not prioritized when Cost Center is Global
PRB32678 Failed Workflows - Workflow Activity HTML Error
PRB32823 LMIN69075 - UUX - Assistent "Service Umbuchen" - Kann nicht angezeigt werden - Internet Explorer

Release Candidate

Problem Description
PRB30694 Workflow "Provisioning - Assign Asset from Stock" assigns the same asset multiple times if a larger number is ordered
PRB30723 Calculation of SLA - Error Message: "Escalation Manager, GetNextWorkingDay: Rescue handler for while loop invoked"
PRB30869 UUX: Sorting by field with NULL values will not be displayed correctly
PRB31182 UUX: Search filter does not escape underscores in resulting sql query
PRB31189 LCM Batch Processing may remove license entitlement and leaves demands in status "Licensed" or "License Required"
PRB31316 Application Usage Data from Empirum is imported incomplete
PRB31317 UUX: Journal entries by tickets are not grouped / collapsed
PRB31673 UUX - Service Desk -> Collaboration->Tasks- The complete UUX UI font is changed while Opening Tasks created from Workflow
PRB31685 UUX: Multi column search in object picker not intuitive: added search by columns
PRB31796 UUX: Calendar must show holidays
PRB31807 UUX: Incorrect Behaviour on Merge Action (UUX)
PRB31867 Data Provider "Inventory of VMWare vCenter" does not import migration events from vCenter 6.5 and above
PRB31868 UUX: "Show more" for Type ahead in object picker control does not work
PRB31901 UUX - Dynamic structures slow with lots of entries
PRB31903 Rebooking of services with a technical destination is not possible
PRB31908 UUX - Related-Object-Link Count missing after load (IE & Chrome)
PRB31920 Empirum Connector needs to convert converted Unicode back
PRB31922 UUX - Everyone user can edit the Search Queries shared with him
PRB31927 UUX- Default Values for Impact and Urgency are not getting loaded by Default
PRB31932 UUX: IE11 performance issue with custom forms in object picker selection
PRB31941 UUX: Close ticket (inc, srq, prb, ticket) action does not include attachments to emails sent
PRB31973 UUX - Orderstatestring for automatic approval is not user friendly
PRB31987 UUX - Licenses - Software Products -> Text Overlay in the Grid View of the Edit Dialog
PRB31992 UUX - Missing Permissions approving a service, which has a " self-service portal form" behind
PRB32003 UUX - Administration - Organizational Units - Object Relations Grid Create and Delete only is not possible
PRB32020 UUX- Administration- Change of role for the user takes more than 5-10 minutes for the changes to get applied
PRB32021 UUX -Selected recipient will not be returned to the current recipient catalogue after successful booking
PRB32028 UUX - Order Progress is very confusing when order has more then one service
PRB32033 UUX - Conditions in Compliance Rule Wizard in the old UI and new UUX do not match
PRB32038 UUX - Responsive designs in IE elements not visible
PRB32063 UUX: Calendar control: it must be possible to change selected event Start Date/End Date with double-click menu
PRB32067 Processing of actions in the compliance rule does not work properly
PRB32068 UUX: Mandatory field in second tabulator is not validated by System when using in service form
PRB32074 UUX - not possible to use "old" attribute value in Email Descriptors started from the Compliance Rule
PRB32090 AD Group Sync fails if display expression is customized ( + )(SPSSecurityGroupClassAD)
PRB32094 Email template in compliance rule "Inform Users when an Incident was paused" language "Dutch" contains wrong language
PRB32096 UUX: Relation of type 0/1 to 1 is not visible in Layout Designer
PRB32099 UUX: there is not button Plan for Changes in UUX
PRB32101 UUX: API Authentication Problem if Windows User not in Store and different to UUX Login (available in store) - Error Message: API Forbidden
PRB32103 SPS: Under certain circumstances, object/action permissions are only granted after > 30 minutes.
PRB32105 EM Data Provider - "Do not synchronize Add-remove-programs History"
PRB32110 UUX- Service Catalog - Showing incorrect Currency for Custom Price of the Catalog
PRB32116 UUX- Self Service Portal - Service catalog in Self-service Portal displays services after 5 seconds each time, too slow...
PRB32117 In Legacy UI it is not possible to save a collateral requirement rule.
PRB32118 Using Quick call field bad performance
PRB32130 UUX - names of attachments unreadable
PRB32131 UUX: Self Service Portal - Choosing Recipient or Catalog shows "No Data" before showing results
PRB32132 UUX: after transforming ticket, that was added to favorites, it is removed from favorite
PRB32135 UUX - When a task is created, the standard role responsible for tasks is NOT entered.
PRB32139 UUX: Inform Responsible when a Ticket was forwarded Compliance Rule is not active for Tickets and Service Requests
PRB32142 UUX: Service Desk - Disappearing columns in grid after using actions
PRB32147 UUX - "Ask for approval reason" option in Service Catalog -> Settings does not work
PRB32148 UUX- Dependencies in UUX redirects to General instead of next dependency
PRB32153 Matrix42 UUX Fehler - Buchungen genehmigen/ablehnen funktioniert nicht
PRB32160 Error when I delete many locations having to be relocate
PRB32161 Deadlocks processing big orders with many bookings using WF "Provisioning Create WF Change"
PRB32162 UUX - Not support Decimal fields in Data Query & Preview
PRB32166 UUX: Data is missing in quick view for import definition
PRB32168 UUX: the contact image is missing.
PRB32172 UUX: Mandatory field Initiator should not be allowed to remain empty
PRB32177 UUX - Mentioned pickup be allowed to use Empty value
PRB32179 UUX - Drag & Drop properties in Email Designer in EDGE does not work
PRB32181 UUX: Action "Assign Service" - No filter on choosing technical target for current recipient
PRB32184 UUX - Attribute Condition not saved/Error 400
PRB32186 HTML Style of an email is going to be corrupt
PRB32187 Hidden Entries from 'SPSComputerRemoteControlTypes' are visible in Action "Establish Remote Connection" in Legacy UI
PRB32189 UUX: address book email is not clickable / Text Literal must support Email mode
PRB32191 UUX - Date Format in Appointment Dialog is wrong
PRB32193 UUX - Date Format is not applied in Emails
PRB32194 No matching of the mobile devices to SKUs via Silverback connector
PRB32195 UUX: Under certain circumstances, the language cannot be changed
PRB32196 UUX: No Sorting in Stacked Charts
PRB32199 UUX: close wizard -> inform other users about closed ticket -> if disabled and other users added additional -> system sends mail to other users too, although disabled.
PRB32200 LIS Update - High utilization of the database server
PRB32201 UUX: accounts created in the UUX are not created in the active directory
PRB32202 License Management Data Batch Processing "SELECT TOP" queries need "order by" for performance optimization
PRB32203 UUX - Lookup dialog for grid/object picker, does not select newly create object, when it appears not on the first page of lookup grid
PRB32204 SCCM Data Provider does not import installed software from SCCM 2007
PRB32206 Data Gateway - Memory overflow of the X86 application due to frequent PowerShell connection errors (RPC server not reachable)
PRB32207 Dependency Control resolves linear dependency only across 2 or 3 steps
PRB32208 Unix inventory - scan results are incorrectly
PRB32210 UUX: New queries need refresh to show in navigation pane
PRB32211 UUX: "Unauthorized" when trying to open ticket at service in portal
PRB32212 Self-added search conditions (search fields) are not saved when tabulator is shown again
PRB32214 - Problem with AD Groups from different trusted domains
PRB32217 UUX: Right Click action caches the context
PRB32218 UUX - Email Descriptor Parameters not updated in Compliance Rule
PRB32219 Online help documentation of Remote Usage Tracking is partially confusing and partially wrong
PRB32220 UUX: Catalog in SSP, shows services that linked to selected category only, and not services from "child" categories
PRB32221 UUX: Global search considers current filters selected in navigation
PRB32222 Compliance Rule "Inform Deciders of new Approvals" uses wrong attributes
PRB32224 Service Approvals page in Portal loads too long
PRB32225 UUX - Sorting in Object History dialog does not work
PRB32227 Email Robot Error: Class SPSGlobalConfigurationClassMailBox does not contain attribute ServerType!
PRB32228 UUX - Wrong suggestion on Data Property from in Layout Designer
PRB32229 License Requirement of Remote Usage references Fingerprint
PRB32230 Logo button does not work when Simplified navigation is activated
PRB32231 UUX: missing translation to "Show More" in Simplified Navigation
PRB32232 UUX: Localization and other issue in Order Approval preview
PRB32233 UUX: Localization: Wrong translation in close activity wizard
PRB32234 UUX: Data Definition display incorrectly the State Group
PRB32235 Numeric Custom Column in Pickup Classes without "Value" column break their functionality in UUX
PRB32236 UUX - Layout Designer - Source for "Service Operation" no search or scrolling possible
PRB32237 UUX: Decline and Approve actions are not visible from Order when call from Landing Page
PRB32238 UUX: Email Signature not prefilled in Send Email action
PRB32239 UUX: Localization Issue in SSP when returning the service
PRB32240 UUXL Typo: "Komplexe Bedingnung" when creating filters
PRB32241 No matching of the mobile devices to SKUs via AirWatch connector
PRB32242 (UUX) - Email Signatures in SD navigation is not correctly translated to German
PRB32243 UUX: Download of files generates file without name and extension, after updating the Chrome to latest
PRB32244 UUX: missing translation for Application dialog to German
PRB32245 UUX: Service Desk: Add SLA and role from category during transformation
PRB32246 UUX - Error message when clicking on services in Portal/Management Area
PRB32247 UUX: journal entries are not shown at the portal – still if the flag is set to visible
PRB32248 UUX: Announcements - After update to 9.0.4 images which are in line with text are displayed distorted using IE and Firefox ESR
PRB32249 UUX: Service Desk: Category + role overwritten by transformation
PRB32250 UUX: Login page must be shown in the language that is default for browser
PRB32251 Dialogues in the Service - Store Classic UI often freeze
PRB32252 UUX: Calendar, Grid option in Dataset View settings are not translated to German
PRB32253 UUX: Availability of Assets cannot be stored or displayed
PRB32254 UUX: Setting for SSP to limit categories by Selected is missing
PRB32255 UUX: Localization: Sorting By options are not translated to German in SSP->Knowledge Base
PRB32256 UUX: Display issues using action "Set Audience" in all browsers
PRB32257 UUX: Personal default navigation filter is lost after clearing cache
PRB32258 Data provider "Inventory of Microsoft Hyper-V" does not deliver all computers
PRB32259 License Metrics for Windows Server Standard 2016 ignore "UsedOnlyForHosting" flag
PRB32261 UUX - Icons in New In Catalog widget show squeezed in Firefox
PRB32263 UUX - Staging tables are shown as possible target-CIs for import
PRB32267 UUX - The browser window hangs when you create a configuration element.
PRB32269 Matrix42 Windows Inventory
PRB32273 Manual License Requirements are removed from the system
PRB32274 UUX- While Creating a new Configuration element the page keeps loading and doesn’t allow to save or cancel.
PRB32275 UUX: read only Grid show Add button as active
PRB32276 UUX: Workspace Management - Order Progress "details" box incorrect position (v.
PRB32277 UUX - pictures in new in catalog container will displayed distorted on ESR 52 and 60
PRB32279 UUX - Email Descriptor – Drag & Drop ObjectReference properties does not work
PRB32280 UUX - rename order-state string for approval step
PRB32281 Issue with SchemaRelation-SPSActivityClassBase2SPSUserClassBase0 caused by Custom Relations
PRB32282 UUX - Calendar Dataset View fails
PRB32289 Action "Transfer related objects" may not recognize related objects
PRB32290 UUX - Error on creating new Language
PRB32291 UUX - Localization String Preview buttons are not localized
PRB32292 SPS - Under certain circumstances, the User Roles / Set Permissions dialog (for example) may not be closed properly.
PRB32293 UUX: Different default font sizes in ticket journal in user comments and system entries
PRB32294 UUXL Profile pictures are too small in Workspace Management and cannot be enlarged
PRB32295 UUX -> Self Service Application -> Hide Categories does not work
PRB32296 UUX: Localization for German language is wrong for action "Import Localization"
PRB32299 UUX - Issues with the Layout Designer / HTML Editor for Static Values
PRB32300 UUX - Error on attempt to remove published Layouts Views
PRB32302 UUX - Start Date for Time Tracking is not calculated or calculated wrong
PRB32303 UUX - Incorrect numbers and texts in software products - List display
PRB32305 Concurrency Exception on "Update Fragment" activity
PRB32306 SCCM Connector - WorkflowActivityRuntimeException
PRB32308 By Update -> Setup Log contains no information about executed Schema Files
PRB32312 Wizard "Classify Fingerprints" does not work with SPSCommonPickupObjectStateReason
PRB32314 UUX - Static Editor for String properties in Layout designer
PRB32315 UUX- User getting error message while accessing UUX links in mail, UD_Inform Deciders of new Approvals
PRB32316 UUX - The application shows old not completed wizard on start new Action
PRB32317 UUX - Catalog from service page: Boolean values will not be shown correctly before saving
PRB32318 Error message by approval
PRB32319 UUX: Service Desk - Some images which are higher than wide are displayed rotated 90 degrees in attachments preview
PRB32320 Service Store Authentication (in UUX)
PRB32321 UUX: Pickup DD for Status, does not show picker for Image,Icon, Color and State Group when editing entries
PRB32324 UUX: Compliance Rule "Automatically accept Service Bookings after 14 days" Unbale to choose the Attribute in the Target Expression
PRB32325 UUX - various spelling errors in service desk settings
PRB32326 SPS -> Under certain circumstances the SPS portal page cannot opened
PRB32327 Principal User Automatic Assignment considers not only the recent logins
PRB32328 UUX - Remind date is not prefilled in Incident Merge dialog
PRB32329 UUX: Search Actions - Translation in French
PRB32330 UUX: Improved localization for "CI zur Remoteverbindung auswählen"
PRB32331 UUX: Wrong translation to German in Service Desk settings
PRB32333 Windows inventory cannot import information about computer BIOS
PRB32334 UUX - Assign service from the Incident does not work
PRB32336 UUX - Layout Designer stop saving layout after resetting "reload data set"
PRB32339 UUX: Widget cache doesn't update when localization string used in widget template is updated.
PRB32339 UUX: Widget cache doesn't update when localization string used in widget template is updated.
PRB32340 UUX - Email Designer - Full URLs converted to relative
PRB32342 UUX: Translation to German: Hint to action accept is wrong
PRB32343 UUX: Incident dialog will update Create Date when saving the incident
PRB32344 UUX: Auto-Refresh configuration must show error when user try to enter invalid value
PRB32349 UUX - Adding the Service to cart does not adds required services
PRB32350 UUX: Some grid columns are not displayed if using "grouping" and You cannot scroll to see them
PRB32351 UUX: Order Recipient does not switch back to logged on user after submitting order
PRB32352 UUX: GDI import from excel causes the error "Microsoft Jet.OLEDB.4.0 provider is not registered on the local computer"
PRB32353 GDI Jobs becomes slower in v9.0.4
PRB32355 SCCM Data Provider - System.Xml.XmlException: "", hexadecimal value 0x16, is an invalid character. Line 1 Position 437833
PRB32358 UUX - Adding comment changes the state from "On hold" to "In Progress"
PRB32361 AD Connector - Runtime Exception
PRB32363 Hotfixes and full installers sometimes overwrite Empirum SDK files - all workflows using the SDK fail
PRB32364 UUX: Ticket/Incident/Service Request -> Open in New Window or open with link from Mail not work under certain circumstances
PRB32365 AD Data Provider doesn't change asset status after computer was deactivated and then deleted in AD
PRB32367 UUX - Order and Booking List in Portal fails if the related Custom Form does not have the Display Expression
PRB32368 UUX: Keyword Search in My Orders doesn't search by Service(s) Name
PRB32369 Deleting Attributes from Address book in General settings failing
PRB32371 UUX: Layout Designer: Meaningless Internal Server Error 500 on saving dialog which has duplicates of elements
PRB32377 UUX - Email Engine set empty strings for Tickets which has been Transformed
PRB32438 UUX - Message overlays buttons in a wizard form
PRB32461 UUX - Dialog "Change Approval Dialog" - Custom Control not migrated is shown
PRB32470 UUX - Last Viewed services in Portal are not persisted for the Everyone user
PRB32471 UUX - Close wizard does not check if the entered user is correct, in case of incorrect entry, e.g. mail address, entry is ignored
PRB32472 License Management Batch Processing does not reactivate License Requirement that should be consolidated as Suite
PRB32478 UUX: Filter of KBs by category selected in navigation stopped working
PRB32489 UUX: It must be possible to delete default holidays
PRB32492 UUX: Landing page does not refresh order after Approval or Acceptance
PRB32493 UUX - Long titles of KB Articles corrupts layout in Portal
PRB32501 UUX: Available units is displayed in the preview of a service even if this service isn't configured to use a stock unit
PRB32502 SCCM Data Provider Computer matching logic is inconsistent and may cause duplicates
PRB32503 UUX- Calculated fields or links based on currency data are not displayed as currency in table columns
PRB32510 UUX - Display error Popup Action processing
PRB32511 UUX: Dialog Relation Error 500 -> Customer Add System Data Definition in Configuration Item as multi-fragment
PRB32514 UUX: After update to 9.0.4 - Action visibility filtering via JavaScript expression is not working correctly
PRB32516 UUX: After update to 9.0.4 some parameter values in dialogs (solution builder) are not sent to webservice. Values are empty
PRB32524 UUX: In Chrome the announcements can be scrolled in the SSP, in IE unfortunately not
PRB32527 SCCM Data Provider may not match Network Cards, Graphics Cards and Sound Cards correctly
PRB32528 UUX - Shift + Enter, in 3 row no blanks
PRB32534 UUX: Service Description is shown different in UUX and Classics
PRB32535 UUX: Fehlerhafte Anzeige von Trennzeichen in Währungsfeldern 
PRB32537 UUX: Wildcard using '%' no longer works in grids
PRB32538 UUX: Service details area in SSP flickers when the mouse is moving in the service details area while loading
PRB32542 UUX: Wrong display of Navigation Item name (Dashboard/Homepage) in Browser tab
PRB32546 UUX: Missing translation (German and other languages) in messages if exporting objects
PRB32547 UUX: Deleting the views on Dialogs shows wrong Display message
PRB32550 Incorrect translation (UUX) /Special characters are not displayed correctly
PRB32551 UUX: Dialog designer > variable delivers different IDs when opening Dialog from grid or preview
PRB32552 UUX - NotifyAttachedUsersOnClose for Incident is not set on Incident Closing
PRB32556 UUX - Journal entry "Created by ..." is not visible on new tasks
PRB32557 UUX: Exporting of Created License Requirements in Software Products not possible in the UUX
PRB32563 UUX: Removing filters "is Set" and "not Set" in currency fields not possible in version 9.0.4
PRB32571 UUX: Security warning on opening cmd if using "Establish Remote Connection" in Chrome or Firefox
PRB32572 AD Import -> Under certain circumstances persons are created more than once.
PRB32574 Filtering a column with Date & Time (UUX)
PRB32577 UUX: Search Filter with condition "<Relation> is not set" cannot be saved correctly
PRB32579 UUX: Self Service Portal - Loading of the open approvals takes a long time
PRB32587 Performance problems -> if snapshot isolation is enabled and history-consolidation is running
PRB32591 UUX - Weird default description added to GDI
PRB32597 UUX: Custom dialogs ordering some services cannot be opened
PRB32602 UUX - Assets Stock Keeping Units - wrong notes are called up
PRB32604 UUX - Display error in advanced filter
PRB32607 Unix Inventory - Error Message - Source: Unix Inventory Provider, Invalid data contract.
PRB32608 UUX: Service Catalog -> Provisioning Dependencies not working correct
PRB32610 UUX - Decide button in order request preview does not have a summary
PRB32611 UUX - Comment Box / attachments are not shown correctly when approve or decline
PRB32613 UUX - Attachments to assets are not visible in new view
PRB32623 UUX - Multiple selection of objects using Shift key is no longer possible
PRB32637 Attachments of depreciated master contracts are not shown after update from 9.0.1 to the latest release
PRB32638 UUX - SSP - Services are added into the cart even without the selection from the Groups\Sets\Bundles
PRB32646 UUX: Export action to Excel out of a Software/License Requirements is not possible
PRB32658 Attachments cannot be opened/downloaded (Error 500) regarding to STS issue
PRB32663 UUX - Portal Image Upload via drag and drop in services does upload the picture twice
PRB32688 High deadlock probability in Portal when fetching Bookings and Services
PRB32706 Automatic License Model Change on Downgrade may not be reverted after entitlement ends
PRB32746 UUX -> SelfService Portal > Catalog > New in Catalog > Description is partly cut off

Version 9.0.x

 List of solved problems for version 9.0.x can be found here.

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